Slawservation: Was Justin Barcia Testing a Lapper Device Yesterday?

Yesterday, our boy Blake Keith was out shooting with Justin Barcia. We posted some photos on the gram, and being honest, they are some fire photos, but I thought they were just the run of the mill stuff. 

Not so fast my friends. The Cat dropped in the comments and mentioned that Barcia was wearing a mic.

Slaw didn’t even notice this. I spent the entire night working the bat phone, and after checking with some sources, I have stumbled upon some breaking moos. 

After his incident with Vince Friese last weekend, Barcia is testing a new mic that detects lappers. Shit you not. 

Well, that’s what my sources, who are always 100 percent correct, told me. 

Maybe it will help him this weekend in Orlando. 

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Written by Slaw Dog

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