Vintage Vibes: The Justin Barcia Vurb Platinum

I’m not sure what the future of this column looks like. I might take my talents down to South Beach and start a different column for 2022. It all depends on YOUR demand. Do you want me to continue to write about this Vintage Vurb content? Let me know in the comments. With that being said, I had to end 2021 with a banger!

You’ve asked for this for many months and it’s time to deliver. The Justin Barcia Platinum that even future generations already know about. I don’t have much insight on this video because I wasn’t there. All I can write about is what I saw from the outside. 

To be honest, I hadn’t watched this video in at least eight years. It’s our third most viewed video of all-time on our YouTube (surprisingly not first, I know). To make you feel old, this video is already ten years old. I can’t even believe the whips that Barcia is throwing in this video. He almost doesn’t bring a few of them back around! The camera angles were ahead of their time and thanks to Chili Dog some of them were rigged in some really genius spots. Chili Dog truly is the best cinematographer in the world, but that’s just my opinion of course.  

This was also the first time I had really heard of Jason Baker and Dream Traxx. I remember seeing his work for the first time and was truly impressed by how clean he could make a practice track look. Now the guy probably prints money from a palatial estate somewhere and plans out how he can take over the entire world. Maybe he’s even trying to figure out how to send a rocket into space that is shaped like balls, just like the other billionaires seem to be doing. 

For me, Justin Barcia is a guy that I like to watch ride. He hangs it out and his style is just fun to watch. He makes me want to ride a dirt bike. My first private video shoot was with Barcia and the Vurb crew at MTF in December of 2009. Watching him ride supercross was special and you could tell he had the correct style and speed heading into his rookie season. He’s just always been fun to watch.

Also, Barcia is going for his fourth win in a row at the season opener. It’ll be interesting to see if he can do it. It seems like he feels the best he ever has lately and is in a great headspace. Maybe this is the year Barcia stays in the championship hunt until the end? 

Enjoy what could possibly be the last Vintage Vibes column ever on this dirt bike website. We will start 2022 with a banger too.


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Written by Troy Dog

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