Jason Anderson Ain’t Mad at Ya

Dishing it out is easy. But taking it, that’s a much more noble trait. We all know “that guy” that rips on everyone but as soon as you point out that his nostrils are bigger than a Texas pot hole, he takes his ball and goes home. 

As I watched Justin Barcia put Jason Anderson in the weeds on Saturday night in front of a beautiful crowd at Angel Stadium, I wondered if he could take it as well as he dishes it out?

Despite the Team Fried persona that he puts off, outside of, well, Justin Barcia, Vince Friese and a few others, Jason Anderson is one of the most aggressive riders on the track. He’s a pit bull without a leash and he will put you in the stands without thinking twice. 

While never considered to be a dirty rider, Anderson isn’t shy about expressing how the game is supposed to be played. If there’s an opportunity, he’s going to take it, no matter how small of a window you give him.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and relive a few of Anderson’s finest moments just so they’re fresh in our memory. 

Poor Cole Seely knows Anderson’s mentality better than anyone.
Mookie tried, but Mookie failed.
Musquin was the aggressor at A1, but on this night in Oakland, he got fried.

So we know that Anderson giveth, but as we learned on Saturday, he can also take one on the chin with a coke and a smile, unless it’s Vince Friese, in which case he’ll try and punch you on the way back to the pits. 

The only thing Anderson wanted in return is for Barcia to support his merch line with a purchase, you know, since he’s broke and all now that he didn’t make the podium. And guess what, Barcia, with all his podium money that he stole from Anderson did just that.

So what’s the moral of this little story? I don’t really know, to be honest. I just thought it was cool of Anderson not to throw a temper tantrum like a lot of riders would after getting punted out of a podium position. Maybe we can all just get along after all?

Main image: Kawasaki


  1. #21 is a great rider and it looks like hes gonna love the big Kaw. Hes gonna win some if he can start better than LaRocco.

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