Slawdictions For Spring Creek

After a week off, Lucas Oil Pro Motocross is back for the Spring Creek National in Millville, MN, and that means Slawdictions!

One thing I hate about these blabbering “experts” on ESPN, etc. is that they throw out the ridiculous predictions and then NEVER revisit them. They are NEVER held accountable. Not Slaw. Each week I’ll review my previous week predictions and grade it on a Slaw scale of 1 to 10.

Let’s review my Slawdicitions from RedBud II and then jump into Spring Creek.


This is an easy one, but also my lead slaw lock of the week (hey, I need a rebound after the RedBud I shit show): A Star Yamaha will holeshot a moto. I don’t know which one, but my bets on Masterpool again. That bike and his size = an absolute rocket ship.

WHAT. DID. I. TELL. YOU. DOGGIES. Not only did a Star Yamaha holeshot not one, BUT two motos, Ty Masterpool nailed both of them!

Slawdiction: 100 out of 10.


As I wrote in Slawservations yesterday I think Tomac’s title chances are slim. BUT, I do think he will win a lot down the stretch. That starts on Monday, as he grabs the overall.

Yeah, see, what had happened was, I PICKED THE WRONG Monster Energy Kawasaki rider. Of course I MEANT to write that Adam Cianciarulo would take the overall.

Slawdiction: 1 out of 10. Hey, I got the bike and team right, that has to count for something.


Again, an easy one, but whatever. It’s my column, yall just living in it. Ferrandis bounces back, and just to make it hard, goes 1-1. Yep, 1-1, doggies.


Slawdiction: 0 out of 10.


You want a harder one? Here you go. Mitchell Harrison, Michigan native, grabs a moto podium at his home race!

Ugh, this was a close one. Harrison was super fast all day and finished fourth in the second moto, and dang near had a podium.

Slawdiction: 2 out of 10. Close, so I get a few points.


Not only will Sexton grab another moto podium finish, I’m betting he grabs a SECOND straight overall podium. The kid is on rails right now, he grew up in the Midwest, and I just love his style on this track. Lock it!

No excuses here.

Slawdiction: -5 out of 10.

Onto this week’s predictions.

Ferrandis Strikes on Martin’s Turf

I’m going way out on a limb here, but I got Dylan Ferrandis capturing the 250 overall on Jeremy Martin’s home track (literally).

No Podium For A-Mart

I know most you doggies think A-Mart is a lock for a podium at his home track this weekend. Nope, not this doggie. A-Mart fails to podium at home. Lock it.

Osborne Gets Another Overall

I’ll be the first to admit, Zach Osborne has blown away my expectations. I thought for sure by now he’d take a step back. Nope. He just keeps winning and I think he’ll get another overall this weekend.

Baggett Gets an Overall Podium

We finally saw THE Blake Baggett at RedBud II, as he captured the second moto win and second overall. I think BB is starting to find his stride and grabs another overall podium this weekend.

Jett Moto Podium

Here is my lead slaw lock of the week: Jett Lawrence grabs a moto podium. LOCK. IT. IN.

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  1. I’ve been wondering if Slaw could ever get a 0. Didn’t think he was that humble. But we learn something new every damn day. Hope your 3 Slaw Nation followers don’t see this as a weakness.

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