Slawservations: RedBud I

Welcome back to Slawservations, my weekly column on whatever I feel like spouting on and on about. We’re gonna keep this short as it’s Saturday and there are claws that need a drinking.

Let’s get into a few things that stood out for RedBud 1.  

Panic Button Time

Slaw has been holding the flag for Eli Tomac’s title chance, but man, I can’t anymore. The Slaw-Panic Button has officially been hit. Starts absolutely killed Tomac at RedBud and he could only muster 4-5 motos for sixth overall. He’s now 43 down with five races left. I just don’t see how he claws back from this, especially considering he’s only won one moto through the first four rounds.

Further, Zach Osborne is straight up legit. He went 1-1 for the first time in his 450 career on Friday and is now 26 points ahead of second place Marvin Musquin.

Number 1

Absolute savage move here by Ty Masterpool.

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I have replayed it at least 30 times. What a return for Masterpool, who led a bunch in the first moto and took third and clawed back to 13th in the second moto to finish eighth overall.

The Right Move

I’m gonna spit some truth at you doggies right now: I thought Honda moved up Chase Sexton too early. That’s not to say I thought Sexton wouldn’t be good on the 450, just that it was early. And whoa boy, was I wrong. Sexton has been a beast through four rounds and took second overall on Friday. Through eight motos, he already has two moto podiums and an additional three top five motos. The future is bright for the Midwest kid.

BamBam vs AC

I’m so here to this! Barcia was in full BamBam mode in that second moto and it was amazing.

Martin vs Ferrandis

Oh boy, things are heating up in the 250 Class. Once again, Dylan Ferrandis was killed by starts—and he crashed in the first moto—and Jeremy Martin went 1-1 for a third straight overall. Martin is now up 12—and a trip to his home track upcoming—with 10 motos left. Look, Ferrandis has been the faster rider through the opening four rounds, but guess what? Martin has won three straight motos and overalls and holds the points lead. And that’s all that really matters. This is going to be fun to watch Ferrandis try and make up this points gap.

Short and sweet, doggies. I’ll be back for Slawdictions tomorrow.

Main image: Honda HRC

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