Slawdictions For RedBud I

Who is ready for a RedBud DOUBLE-HEADER! The iconic track in Michigan will host round 4 of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship on Friday and then turn around and host round 5 on Monday. Awesome!!!

One thing I hate about these blabbering “experts” on ESPN, etc. is that they throw out the ridiculous predictions and then NEVER revisit them. They are NEVER held accountable. Not Slaw. Each week I’ll review my previous week predictions and grade it on a Slaw scale of 1 to 10.

Let’s review my Slawdicitions from Ironman and then jump into RedBud 1.


I might be in the minority here, but I don’t think Eli Tomac is out of this title chase despite being 40 points down. If Tomac goes 1-1 and Zach Osborne goes 2-2 over the remaining rounds, Tomac wins the title!!

That was mainly to piss off our pal Weege, but I think Tomas picks up a 1-1 this weekend and closes the gap.

Yeah, he didn’t go 1-1, but he went 2-1 and won the overall. He also picked up 13 points on Zach Osborne. I win!

Slawdiction: 9 out of 10


I’d be lying if I thought Osborne would be in this position right now. Dude has been on fire and after two rounds is already 19 points clear of second place Marvin Musquin. He’s won two straight and Slaw is predicting another podium finish this weekend. 

Not the best day for Osborne at Ironman, as he finished a season worst fifth overall behind 7-3 motos. He did snag a moto podium, so I get a little credit.

Slawdiction: 3 out of 10


Sloppy conditions and Max Anstie are like a fine slaw and hot dog. They just go together. Mad Max podiums again and Weege refuses to interview him for a second time. 

Tough day for Max, as he crashed hard in the second moto and did not finish. Early word is he’ll race Friday at RedBud 1.

Slawdiction: Incomplete. It didn’t rain, so, yeah.


No brainer. Lead pipe lock of the week, little doggies. A Martin brother—not sure which one—wins the 250 Class overall at Ironman. Wet or dry, I got the Martins vs the field. 

NAILED IT! BOOM! Jeremy Martin went 2-1 to capture the overall—his second straight in the 250 Class.

Slawdiction: 10 out of 10


If the rain does come today and we have a mudder, I got a privateer pulling off a top 8. Thank me later for saving for PulpMX Fantasy team. My prediction: Justin Rodbell!!! Take it to the bank. 

Didn’t rain, so doesn’t count. If you don’t like it, Slaw don’t care. I make the rules around here.

Slawdiction: Incomplete.

Onto this week’s predictions.

Jettson Snags First Career Podium

After a complete disaster at Loretta Lynn’s 2, Jett Lawrence bounced back at Ironman to snag his first career top-five overall. Dismissing his double DNF at LL2, the just turned 17-year-old has started his Pro Motocross career with 6-5 finishes. I think he works his way to at least a moto podium at RedBud 1.

BamBam Grabs a Moto W

If you watched Justin Barcia in the second moto at Ironman, that was classic BamBam. He was revving the piss out of the bike, slinging his YZ all of the track, and you could tell he was in the groove. Barcia has had prior success to RedBud, so if he can gel with his bike this weekend, watch out. I think he grabs a moto win.

Bogle Holeshot

This is my absolute lead slaw lock of the week: Justin Bogle will grab a holeshot this weekend. Look, Bogle is a start master and nearly had one last weekend at Ironman, before a tree jumped out and hit him. I think one year he had like 45 holeshots, so look for his first one of the season to come this weekend.

Hampshire Podiums

RJ Hampshire’s title chances took a massive hit last weekend, as he went 5-17 for 12th overall. Now 45 points back of Dylan Ferrandis, it’s a long shot RJ gets back into the hunt. BUT, BUT, BUT…. He’s riding so fing well. That continues at RedBud, as he bounces back and grabs an overall podium.

Main image: Ryne Swanberg | Instagram: Octopi Media 

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