Slawdictions For Houston 3

Everyone’s favorite, most beloved column on the Internet is back! That’s right, Slawdictions will be returning for Monster Energy Supercross. With such a strange schedule, we may have to combine some stuff or something, but rest assured, I will be delivering HOT TAKES all year long. I’m going to be honest, three Slawdictions in one week is a LOT of hot takes, but it’s what I’m willing to do for #slawnation.

As always, Slaw will be held accountable for these dumb predictions. After each round I’ll review my previous round predictions and grade them on a Slaw scale of 1 to 10 and I expect you’ll be seeing lots of 10s handed out this year.

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Let’s review my Slawdictions from Houston 2 and jump into Houston 3.


Lots of hype for Jett Lawrence coming into the opener and honestly, he was pretty good. After getting shuffled back early he regrouped and made a late charge before making a rookie-ish mistake. Look, he’s young and will have some ups and downs. The opener is weird and dudes are tight. I think he’ll be much better this weekend. Look for a fourth place finish.

What did I tell ya. Look, if you read Slawdictions odds are you’re just going to be smarter. Those are just the facts. Yes, I called a fourth place finish and Jett won the damn thing, but you know what, I’m okay with that. I will still reward myself with a massive amount of points.

Slawdiction: 9 out of 10. That’s only because I doubted that Jett would get on the podium.


Dude, Ken looked soooo good on Saturday and I don’t think it’s getting talked about much because of BamBam’s success. Coming in with an all-new bike, having sat out outdoors, and having a lot of people talk about his health, Ken went out and did the damn thing, riding to an impressive second and pushing Barcia the entire time. I think he wins on Tuesday.

Man, Ken just didn’t have it on Tuesday. When I say didn’t have it, I mean he got a bad start and finished fifth, so not terrible and if not for a dumb penalty, he would have been the points leader going into round three. Either way, I’ll take my lickings on this one.

Slawdiction: 0 out of 10.


This is pretty easy, but whatever. It’s my column and I do what I want. Tomac returns with a huge night, taking second behind Roczen.

See above. Read Slawdicitons, get smarter.

Slawdiction: 9 out of 10. That’s only because he finished one spot better than I predicted.


Lead Slaw Lock of the Week alert. I think Sexton bounces back from the rookie opening night jitters and scores a top 10. Not an out of this world prediction, but you can lock it in.

Well, this looked like a damn Lead Slaw Lock early as Sexton held the lead before wadding up big time. Either way, I consider this a bounce back.

Slawdiction: 5 out of 10.


Chisholm will qualify like 40th, have a terrible heat, then Chiz all over the field in the LCQ like he does and finish inside the top 15. Chiz gonna Chiz, what else can you say?

Chiz gonna Chiz.

Slawdiction: 10 out of 10.

Onto this week’s predictions.

Brayton Continues Hot Start

Can we talk about Justin “Mother Fing” Brayton? Goodness gracious. Dude is 36 and landed on the damn podium at Houston 2 and is third in points, two back of Justin Barcia. Is Brayton going to contend for a title? No, probably not. Sorry, Weege. But, is he going to top 10 the shit out of this class all season long? Probably. His hot start continues with another top 10 finish.

Webb Podiums

Well, well. Come to find out Webb struggled with his back this off-season and had to take some time off which explains his early season “struggles”. If would you have told Webb he’d go 9-4 to start the season and only by seven points back of the championship lead, he’d gladly take it. Look for his first podium finish this weekend.

Nichols Finds Podium for Third Straight Week

I have no idea why no one is talking about Colt Nichols. Dude is on fire to start the season, going 3-2 and passing H1 winner Christian Craig late at H2. I see another podium in the cards this weekend. That’s my Lead Slaw Lock.

BamBam, FunFun, WinsWins

BamBam had a terrible start at H2, so even if he didn’t break his shifter and had to ride around in first gear dang near the entire race, I’m not sure he would have won. This time will be different. I love Barcia on this track on this new bike. I think he wins again on Saturday.

AC Returns to Podium

AC should have had a podium at H2, but mistakes cost him. Not this weekend. AC snags his first podium of the young season.

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