Hampshire Critical of Forkner Pass at Houston 2

We’re two rounds into the 250SX East Region of Monster Energy Supercross and we already have some good ole fashion beef. 

Early in the 250 main on Tuesday, Austin Forkner was battling for second with RJ Hampshire when he made an, ummmm let’s just say aggressive, move and knocked both riders down. 

As I mentioned previously, Slaw ain’t the judge, jury and executioner on this stuff, so I’ll let you watch the replay and decide for yourself. 

Anyway, Hampshire spoke about the incident in the virtual press conference earlier this week and he was not pumped on the move.

“It was stupid,” he said. “I think you’d agree, it was pretty dumb, it was rushed and I didn’t see it coming at all. He went down with me, so that kinda proves right there that it really wasn’t too smart of a pass. We still want to be in this thing, so what goes around comes around and I’m sure we’ll have a moment again here.”

He continued later on in the press conference.

“I’m kinda under a corporation now [laughs], so I don’t know if they would have been too happy [if I did] anything [to Forkner]. My whole side was burnt, I got hit with his tire, so it ripped my side up pretty good. I would’ve liked to tackle him or seen him after, but sometimes it’s like, ‘alright…’.

“It was stupid, he has to know it was stupid and I don’t know if he was even thinking much coming in like that. We have seven races left now, so try to claw myself back and hopefully once we get that first win they start coming easier.”

Oh boy, I love it. We need more stuff like this.

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  1. At some point you have to look at management. A bit of desperation from PC on a dry streak. Coach the kid to ride smart, he’s got the speed. No need to ram it home when you’re lagging by ~30 ft down the rhythm lane.

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