5 Things We Learned, Anaheim 1: Same Ole, Same Ole; Classic Response from Mr. Fried; Mookie NOT Happy and More

If you are looking for a full written recap from the Monster Energy Supercross season opener at Anaheim 1 last night, you’re in the wrong place. We all watched the main events last night, so there isn’t really a need for Slaw to get all poetic and recap it for you. If you missed the main, go watch some highlights and come back and read this.

Same Ole, Same Ole

Every year we spray some pump on how this year is going to be different. How X will now contend for a title. How we will have 19 race winners (I’m aware there are only 17 rounds). Well, after one round, it was much of the same. Ken Roczen and Cooper Webb were right there, sitting first and second on the podium at the end of the night. We all remember their epic title battle last year and while I have no clue if it will happen again, for one night it was much of the same. The two combined for 12 of 17 wins in 2021 and have started 2022 the same way.

Roczen held tight under early pressure from teammate Chase Sexton (more on him later) and Webb did what Webb does. He didn’t have great qualifying sessions, didn’t look all that spectacular in his heat and then BAM (no, not BAM BAM) he comes out and secures second in the main event. Dude’s a gamer.

Mr. Fried vs Bam Bam

It sure looked like Jason Anderson aka Mr. Fried was well on his way to a podium in his debut with Monster Energy Kawasaki. Well, after passing Justin Barcia for second, this happened.

Look, I don’t get into was this dirty or not. This is Supercross. Shit happens. I’m not the judge, jury and executioner of this stuff. I’ll let Vital figure it out. But, what I did love was this response from Anderson. FING CLASSIC! What could top this? Bam Bam posting a receipt of him purchasing some Team Fried stuff.

Mookie NOT Happy with Marv

Oh, boy. Marvin Musquin did not make any friends last night, that’s for sure. One being Malcolm Stewart. See above for my two cents on the “take out or non take out”, but as per reports after the race, WE KNOW what Malcolm thought.

Per Racer X’s Weege:

Injuries Suck

Man, you have to feel for Colt “45” Nichols and Jalek Swoll. The off-season grind is no joke and to have your season go up in smoke in your first heat race of the season sucks. Nichols, the defending 250SX East Region Champion, went down hard in the whoops while leading his heat and early reports are that he broke both his arms and has a hip injury. We’ll update once we get official word from the team.

Swoll was caught in a nasty crash in his heat when he got caught up with Nate Thrasher over the first triple. He hit the ground hard and was taken off the track on a backboard. We don’t have any official updates on Swoll as of now, but we all are hoping he’s okay!

Sexton Is Here to Stay

That is all. That’s the entry.

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  1. Marvin Musquin is a maggot just like the other French rider that’s in the 450 class that’s there mo if you can’t pass them take him out,I wouldn’t have cared what happened to me,I would have beat the shit out of him then I would have went and punched out ferrandises lights just for being countryman. There both dirty🤜👁

  2. Yeah Marvin really was down bad for that. He literally didn’t have the speed of Malcolm and decided to take him out

  3. Yes Marv is a maggot. All frenchies and JB51 are masters of the takeout attempt. If you’re anywhere near them (especially if you pass them) you’re in danger of being busted up. He’s so past it too lol; why they brought him back is beyond me. He’s been uncompetitive for a while now, that ride could go to someone more deserving.

  4. And yeah; Sexton showed us last year indoors and outdoors, he is the real deal. That Honda is a good bike too; those boys have their starts dialed. If Tomac could ever have gotten the starts he’d probably have more SX titles than one.

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