Christian Craig: “Vince is Gonna Vince”

We all know one of the biggest stories out of the 250SX West Region in Glendale on Saturday, and once again it involved Vince Friese.

In the second main of the Triple Crown, points leader Christian Craig made the pass on Friese only to get blasted going into the following sand corner. It was a bone head move and sent Craig flying off the track.

Somehow Craig came all the way back to fourth and finished second overall on the night behind Hunter Lawrence.

In the post-race press conference, Craig explained his frustrations regarding the incident.

“I think everybody knows how I feel about that situation. Vince is gonna Vince. It’s super frustrating, but I’ve had so many encounters with him and I’m always on the other side. One year at Monster Cup he cleaned me out and broke my hand and nothing happens. Then this happens, we are wide open in the sand corner he comes out of nowhere we clip bars and I go flying into… I think I almost hit that wall. I think something needs to be done. I think it’s dangerous. That should not be done. It’s one thing when he’s faster and he’s trying to pass people, but when people are trying to pass him, it’s dangerous. He’s cross-jumping people. He’s doing what he did to me tonight. Yeah, I’m very sour about it. But all I did was, I shook it off and somehow came back to fourth.”

Main image: Yamaha

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