Chance Hymas Tops Ryder Difrancesco at Supercross Futures Finale

Hot doggy what a race! We were finally give a glimpse at the future like we hopped in a DeLorean and sent it to the actual future. For those of you living like Patrick Star over the last few days we are here to talk about the Supercross Futures finale that took place Saturday during the night show in Salt Lake City for the final round of Monster Energy Supercross. 

We finally got the head-to-head match up between Chance Hymas and Ryder Difrancesco that we have been waiting for since early March after they swapped titles at the JS7 Spring Championship at Freestone. The field would come in stacked with Gavin Towers, Luke Kalaitzian, Hunter Cross, Rush Chapman, Ayden Shive and co all looking to turn some heads one last time on an SX track for the year. 

Hymas and Ryder D would both grab starts and take off. Kalaitzian and Towers would begin their chase and battled the entire race for the last spot on the podium. Up front Ryder D would lead the first couple of laps until Hymas was able to make a nice little pass coming back up the start straight. Ryder D wasn’t done quite yet attempting to make a couple of pass attempts, keeping it clean, before he would settle into 2nd. Meanwhile, behind him Towers and Kalaitzian were going to battle over the 3rd spot on the podium until the last lap where Towers could claim the position.

Hymas and Ryder D both are showing they are ready for the big show next season. Between Hymas’ whoop speed and Ryder D’s timing they are poised for as smooth of a transition as they could hope for going into their pro careers. 

This is just a glimpse at what the future could hold for the class as Hymas clocked a top 10 250 main event lap time during the race with Ryder D not too far behind him. We love the see the parody as these two have put in some epic rides as of late, toss in Matt LeBlanc and the rest of the Pro Sport class, we are primed for one hell of a Loretta’s Szn.

With rumors of class favorite Nick Romano going pro at the end of the month at (not-Pala) Fox Raceway the class is up for the taking and everyone has their hands up to fight for it. 


Main image: Feld Entertainment

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  1. How would Ramano be the favorite against Ryder D and Hymas especially at Lorettas .Thats actually kinda funny

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