Red Bull KTM Provides Update on Cooper Webb After Scary Crash in Detroit

Red Bull KTM’s Cooper Webb and Honda HRC’s Chase Sexton were involved in a scary crash in the 450 main event at round 10 of the Monster Energy Supercross Championship on Saturday night in Detroit.

Late in the race, Webb misjudged a rhythm section and Sexton, with no where to go, landed directly on Webb. Both went down hard and Sexton was not able to continue. Webb did remount and did a few laps but wasn’t able to use his left hand. He went around the whoops on a number of laps and we’ve heard an AMA official told him to go to the mechanics area.


You can watch the crash below:

Following the race, Red Bull KTM provided the following update:

“It’s fair to say that Cooper was pretty banged up when he was landed on. Upon initial observation by the doctor here at the track of his shoulder and hand, it doesn’t appear that anything is broken, but he plans to have further evaluation and X-Rays when he returns home to Florida on Monday.”

We will have more on Webb and Sexton as it becomes available.

Main image: Red Bull KTM


  1. it was his LEFT hand, if it was his right he couldn’t ride 1 handed as he would have no throttle control.

  2. Doesn’t
    Tell us its not so did anyone else not know throttle was on right side or just me
    I learn something everyday

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