Too Long; Didn’t Read: Recaps and Results from Sunday at the JS7 Spring Championship

Winning is the ultimate reward for the endless pursuit of performance. It’s what drives us to continually refine, innovate, and improve our products. It’s what sets the bar higher each and every season. And when you have the best riders in the world testing and pushing the limits on every product we build, that bar is set at a very high level. The result of all this testing, refining, and winning is a product line that delivers performance that isn’t just race proven, its championship proven.

This is THOR. This is The Feel of Moto.

We know no one likes to read long race reports or sit around and watch live timing and scoring. So we are here to help with some quick recaps and results from Sunday at the JS7 Spring Championship at Freestone.

Fineis Captures 450 B Title

In the final 450 B Limited moto, Preston Boespflug took the early lead, but he had pressure early from Mark Fineis and Daxton Bennick. Meanwhile, first moto winner Haiden Deegan was buried off the start. Fineis was keeping Boespflug honest early and then on lap 3, Boespflug went down, which allowed Fineis and Bennick to get by. As Fineis was running away with the moto, Boespflug was pressuring Bennick for second late, but on the final lap he crashed in a corner and remounted to finish fifth. Deegan finished fourth. Fineis would take the championship with 2-1 finishes. 

450 B Limited Moto Top 5

1 Mark Fineis

2 Daxton Bennick

3 Julien Beaumer

4 Haiden Deegan

5 Preston Boespflug

Cochran Goes 1-1 in Schoolboy 1

Casey Cochran put on a damn clinic in the second and final Schoolboy 1 moto. He grabbed the holeshot and checked OUT on the field, taking the win by over 9 seconds. With his first moto win, Cochran captured the title. The battle for second was heated between Diesel Thomas and Landin Pepperd. Thomas pressed him all moto and finally made the past late to get second with Pepperd rounding out the moto podium. 

Schoolboy 1 (12-17) Moto Top 5

1 Casey Cochran

2 Diesel Thomas

3 Landin Pepperd

4 Noah Stevens

5 Agustin Barreneche

Fisher Takes Moto Win and Mini Sr 2 Title

Following a second in the first Mini Sr 2 moto, Heath Fisher needed a win if he was going to win the title and he did just that. He took the early lead and built a four second lead over first moto winner Max Shane and was never challenged en route to the moto win. He won the title with 2-1 scores. Shane held off a late charge from Nate Hummel to take second. 

Mini Sr 2 (13-15) Moto Top 5

1 Heath Fisher

2 Max Shane

3 Nate Hummel

4 Kade Johnson

5 Cole Timboe

Boesplug Holds Off Hard Charging Deegan to Take 250 B Title

Wow! What a battle for the 250 B Championship. Preston Boesplug, finished second in the first moto and needed a win to capture the title. He got the holeshot in the final moto while first moto winner Haiden Deegan was buried off the start. Deegan rounded the first lap in seventh and went to work. Boesflug opened an 8 second lead early over Mark Fineis, but Deegan was on the charge. On lap 7, Deegan worked into second and began to chop away at Boesflug’s 4 second lead. By lap 8, the lead was down to a second and Deegan was charging hard. But on the final two laps, he made a few small mistakes which allowed Boesflug to open just enough of a gap to take the moto win and the title. 

250 B Moto Top 5

1 Preston Boesplug

2 Haiden Deegan

3 Mark Fineis

4 Daxton Bennick

5 Julien Beaumer

Ellis Takes 85 (9-13) Title

Carson Wood grabbed the holeshot in the final moto of the 2022 JS7 Spring Championship. First moto winner Ryder Ellis was quickly into the lead, but Seth Dennis was the rider on the charge. Once he got around Cole Blecha for second, he went after Ellis. Around the third lap, he put in a hard charge through the rollers and made the pass on the following jump. He’d cruise to the moto win, but Ellis would take the title with 1-2 finishes. 

85cc (9-13) Moto Top 5

1 Seth Dennis

2 Ryder Ellis

3 Cole Blecha

4 Landon Gibson

5 Carson Wood

That’s a wrap from the 2022 JS7 Spring Championship at Freestone. We’ll have a ton of coverage all next week, so make sure to refresh the site 10000 times.

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