New Vurb Merch Available and There May Be a Discount in this Post

Hello little doggies. Slaw Dog here, your humble leader of Slaw Nation. Some big news recently has happened here at Vurb and I figure what a better time than ever to write some words about it.

First and foremost, WE, SLAW NATION, got it done. After months of negations, I was able to talk Steve Matthes, Jason Thomas and Jason Weigandt into “Slaw Dog” being Word of the Day at RedBud I. While I didn’t get the contract I wanted, it was worth the sacrifice hearing those beautiful words come out of Weege’s mouth.

Secondly, WE are making some huge moves in regard to Slaw merch. While Chilidog is still not onboard, we have a ton of designs and are moving forward. Stay tuned and let Chili know what’s up in the messages and that you want some Slaw merch.

Slaw has been typing away, writing some fire blogs for you little doggies, but I also need to recognize some of the amazing talent that has been helping contribute to the relaunch of Vurb: A special thank you to Mike Vizer, Kyle Cowling, Mike Fisher, Ryne Swanberg, Garth Milan, Troy Bendgen, David Bulmer, Jeff Simpson, Blake Keith, Will Posey, Brandon Carter, Ian Runyon, Aubrina, Seth Heggie, Josh Miller, Leslie, Cole Beach, Stephen Erikson, the boys at Patra Company (except Travis) and everyone else.

Slaw gonna spit some truth here: We are a super small company, with the three main people also working full-time jobs. This is a passion project and we couldn’t do it without the people mentioned above, but also our amazing fans.

The sign says it all, Buddy Bo. Want more content? Buy More Goodies!

When we relaunched Vurb, we knew we had to be different. We couldn’t only rely on pageviews and advertisers and the traditional model. In some aspects, it had to be supported in part by our loyal fans. And you all HAVE BEEN AMAZING. Whether buying merch, watching our videos, reading my fire blogs, or leaving us notes about how stoked you are that we’re back.

To reward you doggies, we have dropped some FIRE new merch and are offering 20% off to anyone reading this. Use code slawdog at checkout to save. Click here to visit the shop, if you’re too lazy to click shop.

FYI: The code is for 20 PERCENT off not 20 DOLLARS. Slaw ain’t making that mistake again.

Thank you, Slaw out.




Written by Slaw Dog

Just a dog trying to find my special bun.

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