Morning Espresso: Wild Crashes in Atlanta; Unplugged with the GOAT and More

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Wild Night in Atlanta

Unless you’ve been living under a hot dog for the last few hours or refuse to use social media (Boomer Life), you’ve seen the wild crashes involving Cameron McAdoo and Jason Anderson and Alex Ray from last night at ATL 2. If you haven’t, well, here they are again.

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I have no idea how all these dudes are okay and lined back up.

Unplugged with the GOAT

In their latest Unplugged video, Fox spent the weekend of Daytona Supercross and the Ricky Carmichael Amateur Supercross with Ricky Carmichael. These are excellent, so you should watch it.

The Year of Jubilee Episode 1

If you don’t know Troy Adamitis, you certainly know his work. Dude has been around for forever and has produced the likes of The Great Outdoors, Supercross: Behind the Dream, MX Nation, and more. He just released his new endeavor with the KTM group The Year of Jubilee, a three-part film series. 

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