5 Things We Learned, Atlanta 2: Cameron McAdoo is the Most Savage Dude of the Year

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Cameron McAdoo Scared Us

The Cameron McAdoo crash rooted me to the spot. Literally unable to move. It was a vicious hit and one that we HATE to see to any rider, much less one in a title hunt. But the fact that the dude pleaded his case on live TV and then lined up with no damn number plate is absolutely jaw dropping. I’ve seen a lot of things during my time writing banger articles in this industry, but this was honestly one of the most insane things I’ve ever seen. I’m at such a loss I decided to bullet out my thoughts to try and explain my feelings.

  1. The Cameron McAadoo crash scared me.
  2. I thought he broke his entire body.
  3. He’s now officially the toughest dude in the world.
  4. How the hell did he get cleared?
  5. How the hell did he line back up?
  6. I would have stopped riding forever after that crash.
  7. Not racing with a front number plate is now the cool thing to do.
  8. The fact that he pulled the holeshot after that crash is the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen since Jason Anderson went full mustache.
  9. He just gained a million new fans and just earned my new award, “Most Savage Dude of the Year.”
  10. Chuck Norris would have stopped after that.
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Justin Cooper’s Eye of the Tiger

How about Justin Cooper not giving a damn on the podium. Not even giving a nod to McAdoo. Kind of a lame move if you ask me. He seemed more concerned if he was legal for him to race after the incident and how much it messed with his focus. Don’t get me wrong, it was honest and Bird Dog loves honesty, but that doesn’t mean I gotta agree with it.

Team Solitaire Slayer Graphics

The below video really says it all. This team gets my “Pimp of the Year” award after pulling off this move. It’s great marketing for the team and their sponsors. For all the head bangers out there, we salute you.

Welcome to the 450 Twilight Zone

I was 100% convinced that Ken Roczen was going to go out into the woods, lay down and proverbially die after last Saturday. I also thought Cooper Webb was going to take the title with ease, cruising to another podium or two in Atlanta. But these are crazy times we’re living in, where nothing is ever as it appears.

While I stand by my thoughts from earlier in the week that Webb is still going to lock this thing up, it does make it more interesting now that he’s only 13 points ahead. How he ended up cutting nearly two seconds off his lap time with a mid-race adjustment was probably the most impressive thing I saw in the 450 main. And with that he should have passed Barcia, but he didn’t, and if Saturday in ATL is anything close to what Tuesday was we’re in for one helluva showdown.

Jason Anderson is Winning Hearts

He may look like one of the Mario Brothers in his SX Avatar, but it works. He’s also riding with as much fire, heart and dedication I’ve seen out of him in a LONG time. And I’m not only speaking of Atlanta. I honestly wasn’t sure if Anderson had that snap anymore. And if he didn’t, so be it. He’s proven himself over the years already.

But you can see it on his face that he truly wants to battle for race wins and even titles. I’d love to see a little luck bounce his way next season, because if you think watching him fight for podiums is exciting watching him fight for titles is damn amazing.

Also, props for the apology to Alex Ray. Anyone would be pissed after getting landed on like that, but Anderson showed his age by burying the hatchet.

Main image: Feld Motor Sports

Written by Bird Dog

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