Millcreek Summer Classic: “Who the Hell is #27?”

“Who is #32?” “Dude, did you see #126 hammer that berm?” “What the hell is #37’s name?” Five years ago this would have been second nature. We knew every amateur kid in the country. Not only that but we knew their family, their cousin and likely had beer with their grandpa. Today? Yeah, not so much. But all that’s about to change.

Rolling into Millcreek for our grand return brought back those warm and fuzzy feelings of the mid-2000s. A time when amateur moto was blowing up, companies had amateur specific budgets and names like Austin Stroupe, Nico Izzi, Ian Trettel and Cooper Webb were almost as well-known at 10 years old as the pros.

Flash forward to 2020 and most rookies go into the pros relatively unknown. There’s always the few who have a “name” when signing their rookie deal, but it’s not always those kids that make a career out of it. Think about it, Ryan Dungy was barely a top 5 guy in the B class at one time and Jimmy Albertson raced the C class. It’s not always the top guy that wins in the end.

Never ones to simply film from the sidelines, our goal was, and still is to help give a personality to the next generation of talent and to the sport as a whole. To be completely honest, we forgot how damn fast a seven-year-old kid can go on a motorcycle.

There are about five riders we know of at Millcreek. Names like Evan Ferry already have social followings equal to that of most factory riders, but not many know the personality of the next gen. We’ll be going deeper than race footage over the next few months. Behind the helmet into the lives of the amateur racers and their families that put so much into making it to the next level and allowing you to once again follow the path of future pros from mini bike all the way to the factory rig.

More coming soon from Millcreek, and we’ll back it up with some content that’ll make ya slap yo ma’ma at Loretta’s. Did someone say Generation 2.0?

In the meantime check out some of the bangers from Josh Miller’s lens of some of the kids that caught our eye.


  1. The highlight of the day for me was how unbelievably fast the little 50 E-bike class was. There was some great battles! If they could put a speaker on them to make 2-stroke noises and a way to blow out a premix smell…….I might actually be ok with them commie scooters



Written by Bird Dog

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