Mega, Mega Gallery: Millcreek Summer Classic

We went to a race last weekend! That’s right, we were at the AMA Millcreek Summer Classic in Pell City, Alabama. It was our first race in a long, long time and it’s obvious we needed the extra practice—I mean, it took us just about a week to get our full gallery up. We’ll also have some video (we promise) before heading to Loretta’s.

There were some heavy hitters at Millcreek—we’ll touch on a few tomorrow—that will certainly challenge for titles at Loretta’s, but we wanted to showcase more than just the title winners in this gallery. We damn near broke our servers uploading nearly 100 photos from Blake Keith (follow him on Instagram) and Josh Miller (follow him on Instagram), who absolutely knocked it out of the park.

We’ll have more coverage from the AMA Millcreek Summer Classic, we just don’t know exactly when.


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