Words With Warriors: Mason Kerr

It takes a special type of person to survive a night of two wheeled anarchy on the ground floor of AMA Arenacross. At any time someone may saw off your front wheel or you may get blindsided by a flying Tuff Block from another lane. We take a moment to get to know these legends once they remove their armor and return safely to the recliner before loading up to fight another battle. This is Words with Warriors.

Altoona, Iowa’s Mason Kerr made the decision to get back to his roots in AMA Arenacross for 2024.  Nearly a decade ago Kerr made a name for himself inside the tight confines of basketball, hockey, and rodeo arenas across the country before qualifying for main events in both the 250 and 450 classes in Monster Energy AMA Supercross. 

After winning the most important honor in all of motorsports last season (the Midnight Sailor Award recipient for the largest air wheelie on the parade lap at Steve Matthes’s Yamaha Pulp MX LCQ Challenge in Denver last year), Kerr set his sights on being a front-runner in Arenacross this season. We check in with Mason to see how things are going with only four rounds remaining when the series resumes during Bike Week in Daytona.

A few things that have turned into a common theme with the riders is the decision between racing 250 and 450 in the series. Add in a handful of riders lining up on either 250 2 strokes or 350s and the variety of weapons on the starting line is unique twist only seen in Arenacross. It sounds like Kerr is fired up to carry some momentum and end on a bang… maybe right into the side of fellow Storm Lake Honda mounted Iowan Izaih Clark! Be sure to tune in to see if the fireworks do indeed go off when the series resumes to kick off Bike Week in Daytona Beach!.

Main Image: AMA Arenacross

Written by Checkerz

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