Stewsday: Reliving Daytona Wins and Memorable Moments


James Stewart has basically won everywhere that he’s ever raced, multiple times. This week the 2024 Monster Energy Supercross Championship heads to the beach and SPRAANG BREAAAAK, so I figured it would be fun to look through Stew’s results and pull his wins here. You can’t talk about Daytona without mentioning Stew. He would do something memorable every year here.

2004 Daytona

Stew’s first visit to Daytona was also his first victory. This was the first time that Daytona was held at night, which was perfect for the star power that Stew brought to the table. If you think the Lawrence bros are hyped up, then you better watch this footage as everyone is very worried about what dance moves Stew would do. When he won this race he was 4/4 on the season. Stew spray painted a number three on the infield and gave away his helmet to a fan. He did it for Dale before it was cool.

2006 Daytona – The Flip

I don’t like to put Stew crashes in posts, but man this was a memorable one from Daytona 2006.

2007 Daytona

Stewart won 13 main events in 2007 and Daytona served as his seventh of those. It was an abbreviated SX season for a retiring Ricky Carmichael. Stew took off in this one.

2009 Daytona

Dude, the first turn crash in the 450SX main event makes Detroit’s look like baby stuff. Stew washes the front end, Michael Byrne goes flying, and then Stew tries to pick up Josh Hill’s bike. J-Law leads for the majority of the race in his 450SX debut before finishing second. Stew rides with a bent front fender all the way to seventh. A championship saving ride at the end of the season.

2011 Daytona

Wall jump.

Stew was absolutely sending it this year. The crash was quite unfortunate though. He still got up and finished ninth. Stuff of legends.

2012 Daytona

I couldn’t find a video of this race, but it was a mudder and the JGR Yamaha teammates Stew and Davi Millsaps went 1-2 on the night. It would be Stew’s last victory on the JGR bike and two months later he would end up racing the Pro Motocross opener on a Suzuki.

2014 Daytona

THE MOMENT. We have Dean Wilson’s take on this wall jump to the moon as well.

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