Logan Karnow Bought a Stock Bike on Friday, Then Finished a Career-High 15th Saturday in Detroit

If you follow privateer Logan Karnow on social media, then you may already be familiar with this story. If not, well, buckle up, doggies. 

Prior to the Detroit round of Monster Energy AMA Supercross, Karnow released a video detailing that his title sponsor had cut all ties with him.

“In the nicest way possible I’m going to put this, because I could say a lot more,” he said. “My title sponsor went full MIA on me. He cut all ties with me. Turned the credit card off that was paying for my flights, travel expenses, hotels, you name it.”

Motozone, the title sponsor in question, released a statement saying that Karnow breached his contract, but “due to confidentiality reasons we cannot disclose the details of the breach of contract.” You can read the full statement here.

Well, being the amazing community that the moto industry is, Karnow raised enough money by Friday that he went and bought a KX450 off the showroom floor at Kennedy’s Cycle Shop in Elyria, Ohio. 

Karnow then traveled to Detroit to race in the 450 Class. Not only did he qualify, he FINISHED A CAREER HIGH 15TH. 

Kellen Brauer at Racer X caught up with Karnow before the main in Detroit. Read the interview, it’s good, but this part was really cool.

“When I made that post, I was like, ‘Man, if I can just get enough money to at least get me to the next few races.’ At that point, I didn’t know I was losing my bikes. I didn’t know I was losing my bikes until Thursday. That’s why we were at the dealership on Friday morning. And this is my local race too so I was like, “I can’t miss Detroit! Whatever I gotta do!” So, I personally bought my own bike. First time in my life I’ve actually owned a dirt bike. I’ve always rode for Kawasaki teams and stuff that made sure I personally had a bike like PRMX and the Madd Parts Kawasaki team.”

Karnow has had a great season thus far. He’s qualified for five of six main events in the 250SX West Region, with a season-high ninth coming at Anaheim 3 and made two 450 mains, with a career-best last weekend of 15th in Detroit. 

Congrats, Logan, and hell yeah to the awesome moto community that helped him get to Detroit and beyond. 

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  1. Way to go Logan, congrats on getting it together for Detroit and hopefully beyond. I was good friends with your grandfather Ken and uncles Vince and Brian during their racing careers. I was a free lance photographer and took many photos of them racing. Good luck bud, you deserve it.

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