Troy Dog’s Shack: 5 Tips on Getting Sponsors with Logan Karnow

Logan Karnow has had quite the season in Monster Energy AMA Supercross. Around the halfway point of the series, Karnow had a falling out with his title sponsor, which left him without bikes and a way to get to the races. So, what did he do? He rented a box van and reached out to his social media following explaining his situation. 

People stepped up, Karnow invested in himself and bought a KX450F, and went racing. During this period of changeover in the program, some new sponsors stepped up to the plate, perhaps opening a new chapter in sponsorship for this sport. Karnow acquired some OnlyFans sponsors that really opened some eyes in the pits. The OnlyFans models really benefited from the deal as did Karnow and moto social media is still talking about the takeover. 

I, Troy Dog, had to get in on this too. No, I didn’t start my own account (although I would make several million dollars because I’m cute like that), however I did have some questions for Karnow on how all of this started. He gave me a few tips on how you can get sponsors too!

Build a Following

I know privateers have fans, but when I saw the following that Karnow has created for himself I was surprised. He has amassed 67.9K followers on Instagram. This is the secret: being marketble to teams as well as other companies is a major part of this. Karnow feels that people see an upside to marketing themselves with him and that’s why they are flocking to him. Once the large following is on board then you are on your way to some amazingness. 

Be Yourself

In Karnow’s position as a privateer and working as his own boss, he has an advantage to run his program how he wants. He said the easiest part about this entire sponsorship journey was that he could just be himself. He prides himself on being a good person to everyone. He says that he can post whatever he wants because he’s not a suit and tie like some riders. He’s completely doing his own thing and the OnlyFans sponsors are benefiting from his deal. His fans are using the product that he has been promoting so it’s a win-win situation. He said he likes to be real, show that he can enjoy an adult beverage after the race, and he benefits from interacting with fans when he’s out having fun. Meeting and engaging with fans unlocks a ton of new opportunities. 

Think Outside the Box

Karnow said that he feels that he is in the perfect position to have new sponsors jump aboard his program. In this case, he unlocked a new door into OnlyFans sponsors. Could this privateer from Ohio go down in history as the rider who single handedly brought in new revenue into this sport? Could an OF sponsor get in on a satellite team or maybe even a factory team one day? I say no, but you never know because money talks! Regardless, it’s working for Karnow and I can see other privateers jumping on this opportunity for next season as well.

Never Miss an Opportunity 

Karnow said that when things went south with his original sponsor that he was contacted by so many people that wanted to be a supporter of his program. The OnlyFans accounts such as Hanna Ray, Audri Asana, and Ashley Faith all stepped up to help out Logan as title sponsors at the races. It’s honestly genius marketing. This sport is dominated by men. Men like looking at women when their clothes are off. Any extra curricular activity that is filmed on OF after that usually pays for itself. So, these OnlyFans women are really onto something here. Let’s see how this blows into 2023 for all parties involved. 

Be More Like Slaw

Yes, I added this just to mess with Troy. Sincerely, Slaw!

Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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