Morning Espresso: The GOAT and the King on Eli Tomac; Josh Hill and Crew Going Huge and the Greatest Photo Ever

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The GOAT and the King on Eli Tomac

If you haven’t watched the 500th episode of the PulpMX Show, go do it now! It’s amazing. Of course, Ricky Carmichael and Jeremy McGrath talking for five hours is going to be amazing, right? Well, check out this clip below of them talking about Eli Tomac.

Josh Hill’s Greatest Hits

Wanna watch Josh Hill and friends GO MASSIVE for 20 minutes? Of course you do.

Bogle Is the Greatest

Remember when Logan Karnow and Justin Bogle got into it in Seattle and Karnow gave him the #1? If you don’t here is the video.

Well, this being the awesome sport it is, a fan got the photo on a shirt and of course Justin Bogle was cool enough to take a photo with him. God, I love this sport!

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