MotoXDream360 Fantasy is Back

We got this note from our boy, former pro Denny Stephenson.

After the past 5 or 6 years back doing pen n paper leagues with a dozen or so friends on a text thread, I finally felt like we had a solid new format to go public with. So I called up my old partners Bret & Scott and well….

MotoXDream360 is back! Over 20 years ago we were the first fantasy MX / SX website on the block. We set the standard in form & function that is still used today. However, in our return, we are changing things up and are now the first & only salary based game & website. Each race the rider salaries will change. All you have to do is hire a 250 & 450 team while keeping under the salary cap. We chose to use the first half of the Nationals to test, but we are now ready to launch the all new MotoXDream360 to the public with our 20MX Final Four presented by Storm Lake Honda & Fasthouse MX.
Beginning with the September 19th Spring Creek National and ending October 10th at Fox Raceway in Pala, CA.

The winner of each of the four rounds will receive a set of custom gear courtesy of Fasthouse while the season ending Grand Prize Champion will win a 2021 CRf50 from Storm Lake Honda. Head over to to check us out as we make our triumphant return to fantasy dirt bikes with our new salary based games. And best of all, the 20MX Final Four is FREE.

Written by Boogie Dawg

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