GoPro Releases Footage of Justin Barcia’s Aggressive Pass on Malcolm Stewart in Salt Lake City

GoPro has released its footage of Justin Barcia from the 450 main event at the Monster Energy AMA Supercross season finale in Salt Lake City on Saturday, and IT DOES include footage of his aggressive pass on Malcolm Stewart.

If you haven’t been on the Internet this week, we’ll quickly rehash the incident.

Malcolm and Justin entered the night in a tight battle for third in points. Malcolm made a clean pass on Barcia in the main event but a few corners later, Barcia made a super aggressive pass on Mookie that sent him to the ground. Barcia would finish third, with Malcolm coming back to finish fourth.

After the race, the AMA has handed down a ten point penalty and a fine (the amount was not disclosed) to Barcia for the incident.

On the podium after the race, Malcolm addressed the pass: “I was just putting a charge in and Justin straight up T-boned me, man. We’ve been racing clean all year long and that was dirty. I’ll be straight up with him and we’re definitely going to have a talk right after this race.” 

To his credit, on the podium after the race, Barcia owned the fact that is was an aggressive pass:

“We’re racing for a championship, third in points, I was doing everything I could. Obviously, it was an aggressive pass, I’m gonna own that, what do I say? I’m out there racing for this championship, that’s what I wanted, third. …I’m sorry guys but I’m here racing for a living. This is what I do. You can bring the boos but love it or hate it but this is me. Since day one.”

Check out the footage below:


  1. its hard out there. I like Barcia but that was a dirty move…dead rev it much….?

  2. I’m out here racing for a championship, well not the championship but third in points, and if I have to injure the competition so I can get that I will.

    Bam Bam shouldn’t have said anything about it, made him look even more stupid.

  3. Barcia is s punk. Doesn’t have the talent to consistently run up front. He will never win a title. If he can’t beat you, he will take you out. Just like a whiny sniveling 5 year old who doesn’t get their way. He should have been suspended for the first 3 races of next season so he’d be out of the championship hunt before he started. Hope Gas Gas takes a serious look at who they have representing their brand. This isn’t a good look for them right now.

  4. Doesn’t really add anything to the conversation. Yes, Stewart went inside, slow rhythm, middle rut, and Barcia went rail the outside, fast rhythm, tight inside to set up a block pass. That’s racing. He had Stewart’s number, but Stewart didn’t want to give up the spot. Someone goes for a block pass and you try to jam it past them, s–t gonna happen, and that’s on you, not them.

  5. Barcia’s only talent is running into riders to get in front of them. He’s washed up and isn’t man enough to realize he can’t win unless he endangers others by running into them m

  6. Barcia’s only talent is running into riders to get in front of them. He’s washed up and isn’t man enough to realize he can’t win unless he endangers others by running into them. Some people can’t handle the truth.

  7. Yet, “Marcus Barlow/Toms”, he has multiple 250 titles and multiple 450 wins… And who are you again?

  8. Why was Stewart even up thare messing around he had 3rd locked up he should of road smooth and pass in a safe spot or not at all his pit crew should of be telling him that he know how Barcia is he going to make it hard to get by him sterwart should of just kept behind him has 3rd locked up not smart takingv that chance could of been a lot worse for stewart

  9. DC3 I don’t how you watch what happened and then defend Barcia??? Dude he was going in the opposite direction of the track when he t-boned Stewart. Could have injured Stewart badly! AC said it right on the broadcast, “anyone can do that at anytime to another rider”
    Hell a lapper could do it to the leader if he was stupid enough to do so. It’s dirty! Dangerous! And I agree with another sensible post – Barcia should be forced to sit out 3 rounds and if he does this shit again- black flag immediately and another suspension.

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