The Great AX Debate Featuring the Anonymous Riders of AMA Arenacross

With no event last weekend in the AMA Arenacross Series, I decided to take the opportunity to ask a handful of the series regulars an eight pack of questions. 

I promised the riders anonymity; however, I did have to circle back and reveal one of them with their permission for question number 7. You’ll see why…

Question 1: Do you prefer big whoops or small whoops?

Majority Answer: 100% – Big Whoops

In their best Sir Mix-a-Lot voice, the AX regulars united singing, “I like big whoops and I cannot lie!”  I guess it should come as no surprise that a group of guys who like the big, nasty, pointy boys would choose to race the series that still prides itself in building tough whoops.

Question 2: Would you rather race on big rodeo arena floors or smaller hockey/basketball arenas?

Majority Answer: Approximately 69% – Big Rodeo Arenas

The bigger floors allow for a bit longer tracks and more options for sections and layout. The smaller and tighter venues really bring the racing action closer, slow down the speeds, and highlight the riders with more race craft in my opinion. The modern AMA Arenacross Series uses nearly a 50/50 split between the two with more rodeo arenas on the tour than ever before to the pleasure of around 69% of the series regulars polled.

Question 3: After finishing up a night of racing where you performed well on the track, where are you headed?

Majority Answer: 100% – Grabbin’ Grub, after that the math is too confusing.

Once upon a time Saturday night after an Arenacross you’d have a 360% chance that the dollar bills locals put in the hat for the Dash for Cash would be stimulating the local economy, via tips to the beautiful dancers, at a seedy downtown gentleman’s club. These days the Arenacross regulars celebrate over chicken wings, pizza, or a burger before heading to bed. A couple racers did say they’d toss a few back to wash down their late night meal. One fan favorite did not answer this question, but if he did we’d guess it all depends how his DMs are looking.

Question 4: AMA Arenacross switched to starting on metal grates for 2024. We asked the riders, are grates great?

Majority Answer: Approximately 84.4% – Not Grate

According to a majority of the AX regulars, grates are only great for the garbage can; bring back dirt starts.

Question 5: Where is your favorite place to race?

Majority Answer: 91% – Somewhere warm

For a series that races 100% inside a controlled arena environment it came as a bit of surprise to me that nearly every rider commented about wanting to race somewhere warm. Luckily for them, the next three rounds take place during Bike Week on the beaches of Daytona, Florida.

Question 6: Which of your competitors is the hardest to pass?

Most Popular Answer: Devin Harriman followed by Cody Groves and Mason Kerr

It’s tough to draw much of a conclusion from poll results here, and I don’t really have anything funny to add either. I guess I have a bit of a mental block, kinda like trying to pass Harriman, I’m stuck.

Question 7: If a pass turns into a takeout and that takeout turns into a brawl, which fellow AX competitor do you want on your side in the fight?

Unanimous Answer: Mason Kerr

In a shocking turn of events, every single person polled said Mason Kerr.  Unprovoked with no idea about the other answers; Mason Kerr’s submission, “I’ll fight them all, I don’t care.” Yes, I asked approval to reveal his identity; clearly he has no reason to be afraid.

The best explanation came from one of his competitors, “If we’re brawling it out, I’m teaming up with Kerr. It’s a known fact you don’t mess with dudes from Iowa.”  As an Iowan myself I did not know this, but I’m happy to take the bad ass reputation to my next street fight.

Finally, speaking of fights we had to ask the panel their opinion on the championship battle that is raging in the series.

Question 8: The AX title is coming down to the wire, who do you think is going to end up holding the AMA Championship Plate after the Las Vegas finale?

It’s a tie… seriously.

How close is the championship battle between Kyle Peters and Ryan Breece? I asked a panel of their peers separately and anonymously and STILL ended with an even split decision. I refuse to be tie breaker, so I guess those two are going to have to race it out.

I’ll be glued to the screen on and MavTV Friday night when the series kicks off Bike Week in Daytona Beach, Florida! If you’re visiting Florida for Bike Week and need a bodyguard, I’m sure Mason Kerr is available between rounds for a nominal fee.

Main Image: AMA Arenacross

Written by Checkerz

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