T-Dog’s Takes: Beta’s Benny Bloss is An Absolute Unit

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It’s no secret that Benny Bloss is a specimen. He’s been 7’3 since the third grade and can hold a watermelon like most people hold an apple in their hands. When I go and visit him on race days I have to take a ladder just to look him at eye level.

It’s also no secret that Benny can’t sing. If you’ve heard him sing his favorite Taylor Swift songs then I feel bad for you. Where am I going with this column again? Oh yeah! One of the things that Benny CAN do is ride the wheels off a dirt bike. Saturday in Daytona he took the Factory Beta program to their first ever 450SX top ten in convincing fashion.

Benny told me that his bike setup hasn’t changed and that the finish was a result of him building all season. The track, while rough, did favor his riding style, and his Beta handled the conditions quite well. He was proud that he was the one to accomplish this feat for one of the newest manufacturers in the pits.

Also, he was able to weave and dodge through a storm of Florida locals on the last lap in the main event as well. He’s probably used to seeing people storm a field as his Kansas City Chiefs have people do that all the time. He likes to tell me that the Chiefs win every game and I wouldn’t know what that’s like because I’m a Cincinnati Bengals fan. #threepeat

I think this finish has a lot to do with how hydrated Bloss is this season. Have you noticed that he’s been modeling for Fiji Water lately? He’s legit sponsored by them. I did my journalistic digging on this. He’s been posing like a boy band in the 1990s would with that bottle of artesian fresh H2O. If you don’t know what a boy band is, ask your aunt. It’s not just water, it’s Fiji water. Whatever it is, it’s a vibe and I’m here for it.

In all seriousness, Benny told me before the 2023 SX season started that he wasn’t sure what direction his career was going to go. He was saying if he didn’t get a ride then he may be forced to quit. But, he didn’t let that happen. He grabbed some support from Rock River soon after that and put in a consistent supercross season before getting hurt at Nashville. Last year his best finish was an eighth in East Rutherford. He earned a two-year Factory Beta deal from his results and bike knowledge. Now he’s showing everyone what he’s capable of in a very deep field.

I’m glad the sport is growing with new manufacturers coming in and I’m glad athletes like Benny can bring them success almost immediately. This was a huge step for Beta and to have it happen at one of the roughest races of the season says a lot about the program.

Benny Bloss is an absolute unit.

Main Image: Octopi Media

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