Slawservations: Loretta Lynn’s I

Welcome to my new weekly column: Slawservations. I, your humble leader of the Slaw Nation, will be making weekly Slawservations that I remembered from the race.

Rock Out

Let’s be honest here: Only Tommy Tenders had Jason Anderson winning the first moto of the year. Prior to Saturday, he’d only won two career motos in the 450 Class and never an overall. After splitting with Bakers Cake Factory, he seems to be doing just fine.

Only Steve Matthes had Zach Osborne winning the overall. Zach is super fast, held off three-time champ Eli Tomac, and well, could legit contend for race wins all summer.

Photo: Ryne Swanberg | Instagram: Octopi Media

Chase Sexton is Legit

Slaw may or may not have forgotten Sexton was moving up to the 450 Class for the summer. IT’S. A. PANDEMIC. SUE. ME.

Anyway, the rookie is straight up L E G I T. He qualified fastest, worked up to third after a bad start in the first moto before crashing (he said he fell four or five times) and going back to 11th, and finished third in the second moto. On paper eighth overall is meh, but Sexton was one of the most impressive riders in the class on Saturday. Don’t be surprised if he wins some motos this year.

AC Crashes out of Lead

Dude… This could have been the season for AC. See ya. Gone. Never to return after one moto and a few laps. LUCKILY, he’s okay. I think he could have won that second moto—just a Slaw’s opinion.

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Get rich or die tryin

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Don’t Worry

Ain’t nobody worried about Tomac-alac. Look, he has these races sometimes. I don’t know why. He just does. Then everyone freaks out, he comes back and rips off like 150 straight moto wins, and everyone returns to their safe spaces. Still the favorite for the title if you’re asking me today.

Photo: Ryne Swanberg | Instagram: Octopi Media

Not Super Coopers

Bad day for dudes named Cooper. Cooper Webb re-injured his back and is now lost for the rest of Pro Motocross. Meanwhile, Justin Cooper apparently injured his hand a while back and was definitely not 100%. Not the races we expect from dudes named Cooper.

RJ Cyborg

Slaw was ALL over this story months ago. RJ Hampshire is freaking cyborg, man.

He started riding just 10 WEEKS!!!!! ago after undergoing ACL surgery and returned for the first round of Pro Motocross. He went out and grabbed his third podium overall OF HIS CAREER. I don’t know, man, that’s just insane.

Photo: Ryne Swanberg | Instagram: Octopi Media

J-Mart Returns

Speaking of gnarly. Two-time 250 Pro Motocross Champion Jeremy Martin was back racing outdoors for the first time since June 23, 2018! And he went out and got third overall in his first outdoor race in more than two years! Can he challenge Ferrandis? Possibly, but he’ll need to up the pace a little.


Gotta be impressed with the rookie. A week after falling short of two titles at Loretta’s, Mason Gonzales showed up for this first National and promptly finished ninth overall. He also totally helped me in PulpMX Fantasy, so I’m all on board with him.

Also, look at this fing photo man! Dude screams cool.

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