Clueless: Pala and 1 Year of Vurb

So vurbmoto was one year old last week and I’ll be honest, nobody, save one person actually realised. I’d give you some corny line about how we’re not ones to get bogged down in self-congratulations, but we all know that isn’t true, as we love to pat ourselves on the back… we just didn’t notice, and if it wasn’t for Troy Dog, we definitely wouldn’t have reposted our launch video that none other than Jeffrey Herlings described as “Awesome (laughing emojis)”… so thanks to Troy and a big thanks to you guys, our fans, for helping make our comeback last at least 12 months. We couldn’t have done it without you*

So without further ado, here is a Clueless about the year we’ve had since coming back, and also about Pala… because apparently professional motocross races is also something we cover on this website…

  • That global pandemic which we launched in the midst of, and hoped would be over soon… still going huh?!
  • My Mt. Rushmore for American Motocross is…
  • It’s hard to keep track of which bikes are meant to be sucking now
  • Pala isn’t Glen Helen
  • Which has both good and bad points
  • Did anyone really, truly expect Webb to come out and dominate round one at the outdoors after cashing his second supercross championship bonus?
  • We’ve learnt that asking people to pay $20 to support us and go to a ride day, is still $20 more than some people want to pay to ride dirtbikes, and help us continue to make content
  • We’ve also learnt that if we want people to watch our videos, we should start a podcast talking about our videos
  • My Mt Rushmore for GP riders is…
  • Not all trophies are created equally
  • I can’t tell if I want to know what Whackers was hiding, or if I definitely don’t want to know
  • Kudos to Alessandro Lupino for making the trip stateside and having a race
  • Shame some fans would prefer you to suck, just so they talk shit on the MXGPs
  • My Mt Rushmore for American Supercross is…
  • Instagram and Tiktok have helped us realize there’s no need to actually invest time in cool ass videos anymore
  • On a related note, what is Tiktok?
  • When you listen to Weege, you wonder why we had to suffer with the SX broadcast for so long
  • Not that people outside of America can listen to him easily
  • Now if I did 15 more Mt Rushmore lists in this article, you’d still be well short of the number of times we saw this in the broadcast

*I’m talking about the fans, not Troy, we definitely could have done this without Troy. Psyche!

Main image: Jessica Hare

Written by Coney Island Dog

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