Mitchell Oldenburg Explains His Side of Indy 2 Fiasco

What a bizarre situation that played out in the 250 Class last night at Indy 2. We don’t even really know what happened yet in full detail, but here is what we do know.

Mitchell Oldenburg was in qualifying position in his heat when his bike locked up and he went down hard. According to sources, the team made an engine swap before the LCQ and Oldenburg was ready to roll. Not so fast!

According to Steve Matthes at Racer X and Anton at SwapMoto Live, the AMA pulled Oldenburg, because they thought he had a new frame, which would have been illegal.

So, Oldenburg DID NOT race the LCQ, basically ending his night. Wait, it doesn’t even come close to ending there.

Apparently, they DID NOT use a new frame and the AMA felt bad, so they said Oldenburg could be the 23rd rider on the gate, starting behind everyone else. Well, Jett Lawrence pulled out, giving Oldenburg a spot on the gate. I swear, we are not making this up (we don’t think).

Oldenburg raced the main but had more bike problems and eventually finished 20th. Anyway, took to Instagram today to explain his side of what went down.

Main image: Octopi Media

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