Slawdictions For Arlington 3: Barcia Wins, If….

Everything is bigger in Texas or some shit, especially Slaw Dog’s, and that’s why we have three rounds there. I think. Anyway, the Arlington “residency” ends on Saturday, and Slaw is here with some bold predictions.

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As always, we’ll review my picks from Arlington 2 and then move on to Arlington 3.


Copy and pasting this:

Look, this rivalry is certainly real and goes back a few years. It got heated over the weekend at Daytona, but I think that Ken has had a few days to reflect on it, and both dudes are veterans and won’t risk destroying their championship. So, yeah, nothing happens this weekend out of the ordinary.

Look, this thing COULD heat up, but until something happens, this will be my stance. Put extra Slaw on that shit.

Slawdiction: 833737377373 out of 10.


Malcolm was the victim of Mr. Fried on Saturday, and then he tried to get him back and well, it didn’t really work. Malcolm bounces back tonight though with a top five.

No idea what happened to Mook Dog off the start, but pretty sure he was worse than dead last (Yes, that’s a thing) and he came all the way back to 13th. Hell of a ride, but not what Slaw predicted. My bad.

Slawdiction: 0 out of 10.


No, not hitting the gym hard, you silly doggies. Jalek Swoll has really turned the corner this year and I like what I’m seeing out of him. Top FOUR finish tonight. LEAD SLAW LOCK OF THE WEEK.

Read Slawdictions, get smarter. That simple, peps.

Slawdiction: 8982889898 out of 10.


Yep, he does it again. Another win! You heard it here first.

See above.

Slawdiction: 90909099090900099 out of 10.


HUGE RACE FOR KENNY. He has to stop the bleeding. While I don’t think he wins, I think he finishes runner-up to Cooper “Walking in a Spider” Webb.

Slawdiction: 9 out of 10.

Onto Arlington 3.

Barcia WINS, IF….

He gets a start. BamBam “Bigelow” has been super good this year. A whole new rider. He hasn’t won since the opener, but if he holeshots tomorrow, I’m calling a win.

Podium for Mr. Fried

See above. Slaw ain’t got a clue what was going on with Mr. Fried earlier this year (Mr. Fried don’t talk with media much), but he’s a whole new rider these last few weeks. Podium this weekend, boys.

Top 10 For Deano

Talk about a rider that has gone through a lot the last few years, but Deano is quietly putting a solid season together. That continues this weekend with a second top in a row.

Hunta Maintains Points Lead

Jett’s bro (hat tip to Ralph) has been killing it. There were serious questions about if he could rider supercross. Not anymore. He’s on fire and he keeps the points lead after A3.

A Ray Makes the Main

Call me crazy, but I like the A Ray this weekend.

Written by Slaw Dog

Just a dog trying to find my special bun.

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