Karen’s Corner: More Weekday Supercross!

When we ran across Karen at a local motocross track berating anyone and everyone around, we knew we had to let her write for us, because, well, she’s very “unique” and that’s what we do here at Vurb. Keep in mind, her opinions do not reflect ours or anyone on the staff at Vurb. Karen has her own opinions about things, which she likes to voice.

I hate Covid, but I love weekday Supercross. Outside of Chicago Med, Chicago Fire and Chicago PD, it’s one of my favorite weekday stories. For those under 50, we call shows our stories. I think you call them Netflix and Chill, but I honestly don’t know?

I love Supercross during the week so much I decided to cast my vote to move it from Saturday to Thursday each week. Before someone posts this on Vital so everyone can yell at me, bear in mind that I’m Karen and nobody yells at me. I yell at you. It comes with the name.

Reasons why Supercross should be on Thursday (not Tuesday or Wednesday)

  1. It will get more people in the stands. Think of it, people are looking to start the weekend early and having Supercross in town will get more casual fans who have other shit to do on Saturday in the seats. And for hardcore fans like yours truly, I’d rather be riding on Saturday and chilling with my main squeeze at the local Honky Tonk. Nobody can boot scoot and boogie like me and my man lover. As for Thursday? I literally spend most Thursday’s digging out ingrown toenails, which I can do while watching SX.
  • See #1
  • The riders will love it! These guys have been filling every weekend for their entire lives with racing. I bet if you took a poll 100% of them would be all about this move. It will give them more time with their families when their significant others are off work, which will likely turn into more babies, which will turn into more badass motorcycle riders. It’s math, trust it.
  • The industry will love it even more! Mechanics, truck drivers, medical staff, flaggers, track crew, announcers, you name it. You can’t tell me these folks wouldn’t like to have their weekends back for 16+ weeks of the year.
  • Better TV Packages. Saturday evenings are chalk full of amazing television. Thursday’s, however, are lame (Chicago Med, Fire and PD air on Wednesday). I bet Feld could negotiate a better deal if they switched, which would result in bigger purse money, which would stimulate the economy, which would help moto brands. It’s a domino effect and it all starts with Thursday Night Suuuuupercrosssss!

Don’t agree with me? Please email all complaints to [email protected].

Want to read more of my opinions? Of course you do. Click here and feel free to email me via the link above with any of your thoughts.

Written by Bird Dog

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