TL;DR, Loretta Lynn’s | Monday

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It’s Hot

This can’t be stressed enough. The heat, the humidity, and the laps. Yeah, the laps were HOT. Practice times is a game of discipline and not everyone plays that game super well. The reality is, it’s practice. Get your laps in and get comfortable. You can’t win practice, but you can lose it.

Tiger Wood in the Sand Trap

With the throttle pinned to the top, Tiger Wood was one of the most impressive riders all day at the Ranch in practice on Monday. Throwing his GasGas around all day, it’s clear that Tiger came to play. A fleet of YZ 125s nipped at his heels all day but the stage is set for an all-out war.

We Like it Rough

The track at 9 a.m. was as rough a track as you’ve ever ridden and it only got worse. Breaking bumps like waves into every corner and only the strong survived those practice sessions.

The Names

The who’s who of motocross have descended on Hurricane Mills. Kevin Windham and Malcolm Stewart are just a few of the names rolling through the pits. As the week revs up, the pits become a motocross family reunion.

Baptized by Loretta Lynn’s

The water in the creek is as holy as it gets when it comes to motocross. After 12 hours of sweating in the heat, a dip in the creek is life changing. The lineup for the shower was too long so I opted to bring some soap and “shower” in the creek the last two nights.

Tomorrow… it’s all business.

Main image: Mike Vizer

One Comment

  1. To be honest ok u have some ruts ..I agree only strong survive.But There’s no hills up & down no hair pin turns no huge jumping over others like Curt Deogstino
    Used to lap 2 nd . Place rider at Motomasters Park in Mexico NY.. Broome
    Tioga totally is 5 x. More demanding than Loretta,s Track it should be for Seniors only…I have 53 years in MX Working with Team Suzuki with Mark Barnett..(MassaWelding) etc. I was a caution flag man at 13 years old 1973
    For the World National at Motomasters Park in Mexico NY.I will be honest I
    Was posting up on a berm a and Rodger Decoster was in 1st. On the 1st. Lap
    and came at the like a rockstar,he hit the berm I jumped the fence I recall
    Rodger Decoster hit 3 gears in this berm.Now I’m back here come a man from
    Holland named Pierre karsmakers AND again I’m shook…1 thing what I saw for the first time was mud deflectors covering clutch and the throttle.

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