TL;DR: Loretta Lynn’s, Wednesday | JLaw Sighting, Morning Supermini Mayhem, Tiger Wood’s Smart Ride and More

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JLaw Sighting!!!

ARMA’s Scott Sepkovic boasted of Jason Lawrence showing up to Loretta’s this week but that info has to be taken with a grain of salt because we’ve gotten excited and been let down before. This time though, it was real. The one they call JLaw, in the flesh hanging out and watching motos with Jase Macalpine and Malcolm Stewart. It’s unclear how much riding Jason does these days but in speaking with him it’s clear that he’s a huge fan of the sport given the fact that he had knowledge of some practice times from days before he arrived. Cool to see J-Law down at the Ranch.

Morning Mayhem On Superminis

The entry list of the Supermini 1 (12-15) is a murderers row on top talent in the nation. Forty-two buzzing superminis raged toward the first corner to kick off Wednesday’s action and when the dust cleared, it was Seth Dennis with the holeshot. With a five second lead on lap one, Dennis was on cruise control but if you look at the lap times, you’d never know it. Dennis maintained a steady gap over Deacon Denno who kept Dennis honest to the checkered flag.

Behind the leaders it was pandemonium. There were more than a couple collisions out there as the entire field battled tooth the nail for every position. Front runner Canyon Richards had a bike issue which cost him a top five ride. Kawasaki’s Landon Gordon came back from a start well outside the top 30 to finish a strong third.

A huge get well soon to Nathaniel Orr who exited the track early with a broken femur after a huge crash on one of the biggest jumps here. Hope to see you back out next year, Nathaniel.

Moto Top 5

1 Seth Dennis

2 Deacon Denno

3 Landen Gordon

4 McKayden Fitch

5 Brennon Harrison

Tiger Wood’s Smart Ride  

Following a massive holeshot, Tiger Wood showed both speed and maturity by establishing a manageable lead and making intelligent line choices every lap en route to a victory early in the day in Schoolboy 1. It was an all-out dog fight for second with Owen Covell trading paint early with Klark Robbins who ran strong in second until Landon Hartz came charging by on lap 5. The quietest fifth place of the day is Kade Johnson who came around on the first lap in 14th only to average a pass per lap until the race was done. The 95 machine of Carter Malcolm didn’t have the best start but showed a full send attitude the whole moto. Consistent speed and smart lines added up to a solid fourth for Jesson Turner.

Moto Top 5

1 Tiger Wood

2 Landon Hartz

3 Carter Malcolm

4 Jesson Turner

5 Kade Johnson

250 Pro Sport Moto 1

Gavin Towers sprinted out early with a massive holeshot but just laps later it was JUJU Julien Beaumer who snatched the lead away. Towers was smooth utilizing outside lines to rail every turn on his way to the third step on the podium. Mark Fineis continues to have a breakout year by battling through from a brutal start to finish second. Star Racing’s Daxton Bennick seemed to not be himself in this moto which had to have frustrated the young man because he came out in Open Pro Sport Moto 2 and crushed it. It was a moto to forget for Bryce Shelly who didn’t get the best of starts and was only able to gain a few spots throughout the moto. NSA Yamaha’s Avery Long has shown speed all week so far and this moto was no different as he raced up to fourth.

Moto Top 5

1 Julien Beaumer

2 Mark Fineis

3 Gavin Towers

4 Avery Long

5 Jayden Clough

Girls Got Game

Girls (11-16) is absolutely stacked with talent. From Mayla Herrick to Julia Lord, these young ladies were flying at the ranch today. Adrianne Spiker was on a mission all moto charging forward from outside the top 25 to finish an impressive 13th. After making a quick pass on Madison Kazimir on lap 2, Mayla Herrick was off to the races leading the way to the checkered flag. “LA LA” Lachlan Turner used incredible corner speed and technique to lock down her first silver medal of the week. Piper Bell had the crowd on their feet and cheering all the way around the racetrack as the stylish young lady battled toward a top five ride.

Moto Top 5

1 Mayla Herrick

2 Lachlan Turner

3 Madison Kazimir

4 Mila Baltky

5 Piper Bell

Boys Got Schooled in Schoolboy 2

Casey Cochran is not far from a promising professional career but for now, his job is to put on riding clinics at Loretta Lynn’s. Following a butt ugly start, Casey put his head down toward the front. After 10 laps, Cochran had erased a six second deficit and built a five second lead over Logan Best who started outside the top 5 but held his share of the lead for a couple of laps mid moto. A three pack of Kawasaki’s battled for 3rd-5th with Krystian Janik getting the better of Enzo Temmerman and Drew Adams respectively. Kevin Windham’s current star pupal Landin Pepperd battled from outside the top 15 to a solid sixth just ahead of Hesperia, California’s own Aden Keefer who looked frustrated with himself at race’s end. The 41 of Nate Freehill must have had an issue with him pulling off only four laps in.

Moto Top 5

1 Casey Cochran

2 Logan Best

3 Krystian Janik

4 Enzo Temmerman

5 Drew Adams

Wednesday at the range was incredible. It was hot, it was humid and the racing was epic

Main image: Mike Vizer

Written by BigMxRadio

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