TL;DR: Loretta Lynn’s, Friday | More Mud Motos, Schoolboys In Session and More

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The Rain Came Again….

I’m starting this article with the same paragraph because today was the exact same storm.

As the sun crested the horizon to mark the start of the fourth day of racing here at Hurricane Mills, ominous clouds began to gather and with them, heavy rain. A storm system had been gathering from the heat and humidity. The clouds couldn’t hold back any longer and all hell broke loose. The rain wreaked havoc on tents, awnings and even lil Aden Keefer’s gear bag which he left outside in the rain.

Schoolboys In Session (Schoolboy 1)

Klark Robbins had his day in the sun when the weather broke, as he went big game hunting and hunted down Tiger Wood. Wood held a solid second and still looks great heading into tomorrow where those is attendance will see every single third moto. Austin Schafer bounced back from a tough moto 1 to grab third as Kade Johnson had his best moto of the week snagging a fourth. The mud is taxing on these 125s and it claimed two motors in the race with Clayton Stockstill and Johnathan Yelton pushing their bikes off and back to the truck before the race was done.

Schoolboy 1 Moto 2 Results

1 Klark Robbins

2 Tiger Wood

3 Austin Schafer

4 Kade Johnson

5 Owen Covell

Click for Overall Standings

Shaft Drive Alive!

Brody Jones led the Micro 1 (4-6) Shift Drive class onto a very muddy racetrack. At the completion of lap 4, Jones’ lead had grown to over 18 minutes. Jase Wells ran strong in second all race long. From the drop of the gate to the checkered flag, Deacon Thomas and Billy McLaughlin charged through the pack to take third and fourth respectively ahead of Brock Norris and the rest of the PW 50s.

Micro 1 (4-6) Shift Drive Moto 2 Results

1 Brody Jones

2 Jase Wells

3 Deacon Thomas

4 Billy McLaughlin

5 Brock Norris

Click for Overall Standings

Schoolboys on the Gas

The entry list for Schoolboy 2 is full of absolute rippers. Krystrian Janik ruled the roost by putting his Kawasaki out front of Enzo Temmerman and Landin Pepperd. Pepperd has worked closely with Kevin Windham and it shows. His fitness is great, and his textbook style is on display full-time. After running third early, Drew Adams had to be frustrated to end up fourth at the checkered flag. Following a dislocated shoulder just yesterday, Casey Cochran came back as strong as you can hope for charging up to fifth from a bad start.

Schoolboy 2 Moto 2 Results

1 Krystian Janik

2 Enzo Temmerman

3 Landin Pepperd

4 Drew Adams

5 Casey Cochran

Click for Overall Standings

Supermini 2 (13-16)

It was the Deacon Denno show and everyone lining the fences loved what they saw from the young Texan who showed speed, style and poise en route to an impressive victory on an extremely challenging track. For the second time this week Canyon Richards had a motor let go after being one of the fastest riders on the track. It’s been a tough go for the New Jersey native who has shown incredible bike still on and off the track all week. Seriously, have you seen this kid wheelie a dirt bike? Landen Gorgon was on the gas all moto and earned second after Richards bike said no mass. KTM’s Seth Dennis turned an eighth place start into a podium.

Supermini 2 Moto 2 Results

1 Deacon Denno

2 Landen Gordon

3 Seth Dennis

4 Cole Timboe

5 Logan Mortberg

Click for Overall Standings

Photo Courtesy: MX Sports / Align Media

Written by BigMxRadio

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