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A few months back I had the chance to get to know Frank Sell, the owner of Get Sh!t Done (GSD) Coffee Company. GSD Dog, as I like to call him, is a very passionate businessman. From the short time I’ve had to get to know him I understand that he loves three things in life more than anything.

  1. Family
  2. Motocross
  3. Building his coffee brand.

I first heard about GSD from my squad Doggo’s Ashton Bloxom and Grant Harlan. Mr. Sell is a huge supporter of my athletes, so it would only make sense we would totally bro down. When Ash and Har stopped by our house to stay the night a few months back they left some ice cold Essential Nitro Brew Sweet Crème Lattes in my fridge to try. 

Quick side story time: I went 30 years without coffee in my life. I made it through college, three part-time writing gigs, including an internship with Racer X, and working full time without drinking a sip of coffee. Even when Bub Dog was born I made it through two full years of his life without needing coffee. What broke me? My second child, Sam Dog, who had severe Colic and a reflux disorder worse than your Great Aunt Sophie. I don’t ever really sleep much anyway, but our boy Sammy made sure that this entire neighborhood never got sleep. I took on every night shift, as every man should, to give our girl Ginger Dog a break during her maternity leave. It escalated. So, there I was from 8 p.m. to 4-5 a.m. with Sam Dog sobbing uncontrollably and sweating profusely trying to get his mind off of it and trying to calm him down. He’d eventually give up when it was time for me to leave for work at 7 a.m.. This went on a good eight months because he grew attached to my elite soothing techniques. Needless to say, I was ready to take coffee in any way possible, even by an enema if that’s what it took. (No, I’ve seriously never taken coffee up my ass. It’s a joke for your entertainment.) 

I opened up a cold Nitro Brew Latte and took my first sip. Immediately I knew that this was no ordinary coffee. This was made with top quality beans, and it was the perfect amount of delicious coconut sweet cream. I couldn’t help but to chug this delightfully tasty drink in about four gulps. I needed more. Mr. Frank Sell was so nice to send me over a case to try out and to see how it changed my life. 

I drank one every day for a week straight. Sure enough, exactly 17 minutes after chugging it, I would hit my sweet spot. I felt like I could ford ANY river in the Oregon Trail game, without losing any cattle or supplies. I felt like I could actually SEE John Cena in photos. I would go into the Vurb office and take a huge steaming dump right on Slaw Dog’s desk and get away with it. I was invincible enough on this coffee that I didn’t sleep for three entire days. Have you ever seen the Andy Samberg/SNL music video, “Like a boss?” That’s basically what happened to me. You need this coffee, your chick needs this coffee, and so does your mom. 

GSD is also making some noise by supporting the sport this year. The company has signed on five ambassadors for the season including Troy Dog Squad’s own Grant Harlan. Also on the GSD team is Bubba Pauli, Scott Meshey, John Short, and the Somnium Racing team. Shoutout to Frank Sell for being a great dude and it’ll be fun to see what he does next! You can read the entire PR below if Slaw Dog does his job correctly. Check out to order and tell him that T-Dog sent you!

With the 2021–2022 Arenacross season already underway and the start of the 2022 Supercross Season just around the corner, Get Sh!t Done (GSD) Coffee Company is already buzzing about the season and is amped to introduce a group of four brand ambassador representatives for the 2022 season.

When Frank Sell, Jr. started Get Sh!t Done Coffee Co in 2020, it wasn’t the first time he’d started a business. GSD Coffee is for the dreamer in each one of us. What self-made entrepreneur Sell, Jr. has dubbed “The Official Coffee of the American Dream” created to inspire freedom-seeking men and women across the globe while providing a world-class product and an infectious mindset.

As an extension of the Home of the Hustle brand, GSD Coffee seeks to inspire and motivate individuals, business owners, and entrepreneurs to stay the course and keep hustling towards their dreams, face fear head-on, and become the best version of themselves. GSD Coffee believes ordinary men and women can make a difference in the world—especially when they put their minds to it and are unafraid to do it scared until they can do it skilled. Or when the hustle is for a good cause instead of for applause. Are you ready to rise and grind and Get Sh!t Done?

Each of the following privateer racers was selected to represent GSD Coffee Company in 2022 as an ambassador was chosen because of their ability to Get Sh!t Done, for their work ethic, determination, will to succeed, and dedication to the sport of motocross.

2022 GSD Coffee Company Brand Ambassadors

Grant Harlan

National Number: 65

Team: TiLube/Storm Lake Honda Racing

Bio: Grant Harlan has built up an impressive resume in his two years as a professional motorcycle racer. He’s earned two top 10s in 250 Supercross, one top-five, two LCQ wins, two top 15 finishes in 450 motocross—including an 11th and 12th. In 2022 Harlan will contest AMA Supercross in the 250 class and AMA Pro Motocross in the 450 class onboard his Honda CRF250R and CRF450R.

Goals for the 2022 season: Harlan’s goals for the 2022 season include being a consistent top 10 finisher in 250 East Supercross and being a consistent top 15 guy (fighting for top 10s) in the full 450 Motocross outdoor season.

GSD Drink of Choice: Essential Nitro Brew Sweet Cream Latte.

Theodore “Bubba” Pauli

National Number: 282

Team: MADD Parts Kawasaki

Bio: 2022 marks Bubba Pauli’s eighth season as a professional racer. Pauli is one of the few athletes who compete at the top level while owning and operating a three-rider race team. Earning many top 20 finishes over the years, Pauli looks to put his name even higher up the results page in the 2022 season, all while pushing his team’s image and supporters.

Goals for the 2022 season: Pauli’s goal for 2022 is to be consistently inside the top 20 in 450 class in Supercross and beat his career-best 18th place, which he’s done twice in his career.

GSD Drink of Choice: Pauli’s favorite GSD product is the Essential Nitro Brew canned coffee. It’s great to grab from the cooler on road trips to keep us engined up as we beat the streets!

Scott Meshey

National Number: 84

Team: Meshey Moto Fam/Husqvarna/Astronos

Bio: Scott Meshey made main events in the 250 East Supercross division in his rookie year, broke into the top 15 in 450 Pro Motocross, and earned national number 84 for 2022. Meshey will race the same classes in 2022; his bar is set higher than ever; however, he’s ready to GSD, fight for positions, earn his master’s degree, show awesome behind-the-scenes footage through his YouTube channel, and give back to his fans.

Goals for the 2022 season: Meshey’s goals for the 2022 season include making all the Main events in 250 East and breaking into the top 15 as often as possible. He’d also like to place top 15 in 450 Pro Motocross at every race with a goal of top 10 in a moto by the end of the Pro Motocross series with a National number in the 50s for 2023.

GSD Drink of Choice: Essential Nitro Brew Sweet Cream Latte.

John Short

National Number: 72

Team: VW of Waco/Jones Powersports/Honda

Bio: John Short has raced professional Supercross since 2016 and has garnered six top 10 finishes in 250 SX, including a 10th overall in the Lites East Championship, 29 main events in both 250/450 classes, as well as numerous top 10s in the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Series. Short will compete in 450 Supercross events, the 250 East Supercross Series, and the 450 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Series.

Goals for the 2022 season: Short’s goals for the 2022 season include getting great starts, fighting for top-five finishes, and improving on his previous results.

GSD Drink of Choice: Essential Nitro Brew Sweet Cream Latte.

Team Owners:Colton & Brylie Barney  

Team: SOMNIUM Racing

Riders: Kameron Barboa, Addison Emery and David Pulley

Bio: Somnium Racing is a privateer race team owned by Colton and Brylie Barney.  Somnium Racing is formally known as PatchedMx. Growing and expanding the business, they  have rebranded into Somnium Racing. Somnium racing provides quality hand-crafted products  such as fully customizable seat covers, graphics, Jersey IDs, and Printed Butt Patches.  Our dream for Somnium Racing is to have our riders get out of the box society puts us in and  start creating their own style on and off the bike.  

Somnium Racing team fields Kameron Barboa, Addison Emory, and David Pulley.  Supporting these privateers by providing products and sponsors to each individual. These  three riders are competing in the West Coast lites class for 2022.  

Kameron is 23, grew up in Bosque Farms, New Mexico, and has been riding since 4  years old. Kameron started racing Supercross in 2019. As a privateer, he has had to support  himself to pursue his supercross dream. His life revolves around dirtbikes. Kameron works as a  mechanic at a local bike shop and coaches riders in the NM area. Kameron says, !I don”t get to ride as much as I”d like, but I have fun doing what I do and always put my heart and soul into racing.” Kameron enjoys the Get Shit Done Cold Brew Coffee.  

Addison Emory is 26 years old and has been racing since he was 6 years old. He start ed racing Supercross in 2019. Addison lives in Finksburg, MD, and works a full-time job during  the supercross season. Addison enjoys the Get Shit Done K-Cups during the winter and the  nitro cold brew during the summer! His goal for the 2022 supercross season is to be more con fined in his riding to be a consistent night show rider.  

David Pulley lives in Murrieta, CA, and has been riding since 8 years old. David comes  from a family of professional jet-ski racers. He and his grandpa are the only ones who ride dirt bikes. He started racing Supercross in 2013, but he was in and out of racing supercross over  the last few years due to injuries. David thinks the Get Shit Done Sweet Cream Cold Brew Nitro  Latte is delicious! In 2022 David”s goal is to build consistency every weekend and show that he can be a main event contender week in and week out.  

We are excited for all the riders involved with Somnium Racing and can”t wait for what the 2022 West Coast Supercross season brings us in our rookie year. Expressing yourself on and off the  bike will create the life you love to live. 

About Get Sh!t Done Coffee Company and Home of the Hustle

GSD Coffee is for the action taker  in each one of us. What self-made entrepreneur Frank Sell, Jr. has dubbed “The Official Coffee of the American Dream” created to inspire freedom-seeking men and women across the globe while providing a world-class product and infectious mindset. Are you ready to beat the damn streets so hard they send you a bill for the potholes? |

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  1. Cool to see passionate moto fans combine their day job with moto. As they say support those who support the sport. GSD is def on my Yes list.

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