Slawdictions for Atlanta 3: Ken Does It Again

Three Slawdictions within a week is a lot. You would think Slaw would be out of bold, flaming hot predictions. And you would be flat a** wrong! Slaw never runs out of bold predictions. Let’s get this on!

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Slaw is loving what I’m seeing from AP recently. He’s be on it and if not for a mistake at ATL 1, he would have won. No mistakes tonight, AP takes his first career win.

I think someone stole Aaron Plessinger’s exhaust prior to the main. Had to have been what happened.

Slawdiction: 0 out of 10


Some of you dogs think Hunter Lawrence is out of this after going down in the first turn on Saturday. Nope. He’s still in it and when he wins tonight he’ll be even MORE in it. You read it here first.

Look, Hunter didn’t win, so I don’t get full credit. With that said, dude was IMPRESSIVE after the restart and came from way back to claim second and keep his slim championship hopes alive.

Slawdiction: 5 out 10.


Goodness, did you see Dylan Ferrandis’ ride on Saturday? I didn’t either because the TV didn’t really show him, but I think it was amazing. Another top five at ATL 2 for DF.

Pretty sure the entire Star Yamaha team was sabotaged prior to the main. Has to be what happened. HAS TO BE!

Slawdiction: 0 out of 10.


This is a do or die round for Roczen. He has to beat Webb to keep this championship going. I think he does it. Second place tonight for Ken Dog.

I mean, I hate to say I told you doggies… hahah, kidding, I LOVE IT. Ken Dog bounced back HUGE and now we have ourselves a title battle again.

Slawdiction: 11 out of 10.


LEAD SLAW LOCK OF THE WEEK. If not for a late crash, Marchbanks had second on lock. He is good at these type of tracks. Look for a podium tonight.

Yeah, man, I don’t know.

Slawdiction: 0 out of 10.

Let’s dive into Atlanta 3

Ken Does It Again

I really like Ken on this type of track. Yeah, I know, ninth at the first one and all, but I chalk that up to slick conditions. If the weather is good, Ken wins again and we take this title fight to SLC.

Cooper Off the Podium

Yeah, I don’t like Cooper at this track. It just doesn’t suit what makes him good. I think he’ll manage well, because that’s what he’s good at, but I don’t think it’s enough for a podium. Fourth place finish for Cooper “Walking in a Spider” Webb.

Most Savage Dude of the Year Podiums

I mean, if dude can come back from that crash and podium without a front number plate, imagine what he can do WITH a front number plate…

Cooper Wins Again

Starts will be key again, and if Justin Cooper can get out front early, I think he wins another and puts this championship on ice.

Shock Continues Streak

If it a coincidence that Coty Shock has back-to-back top tens since Slaw predicted his second of the season? Of course it isn’t. Chalk up a third one for the Shocker this weekend.

Main image: Honda HRC

Written by Slaw Dog

Just a dog trying to find my special bun.

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