5 Things We Learned at Washougal

Perfection Streak: 16-0

If you’re an avid reader of Troy Dog’s Takes, which I’m sure that you are, you’ll know that I’ve been on record saying that Jettson will go 22-0. Well, at Washougal he just helped drive my point home further and the rest of the 450 Class is running out of time to beat the streak. Jett has six motos remaining at Unadilla, Budds Creek, and Ironman. All are going to be challenging in their own ways. The hardest test for Jett will be the home stretch and if something does go wrong how much will he fight to keep the streak alive?


Oh wow, Haiden Deegan just made a huge statement regarding his quest for the 250 Motocross Championship. His first 1-1 day of his career put him within three points of the points lead and only six motos remain. This two week break is going to be crucial when it comes to the contenders in the 250 class. Lawrence and Deegan are starting to break away, but Justin Cooper (despite missing two motos) is still only 19 points behind. It’ll be tough for him to jump two spots in the standings this late in the series. As far as I’m concerned, this is a two horse race for the title and the rookie has a lot of momentum at the moment. 


Jason Anderson has come back late in the series and has put in all the effort that he can to better himself each week. A 4-4 day put him third overall and it was a breath of fresh air to hear him speak on Jett Lawrence in the press conference. He complimented the way that he rides and was talking about how he has to learn new tricks to keep up with the younger generation. That’s pretty cool considering he just won nine total races last year. It was also a breath of fresh air because Anderson keeps to himself and you don’t really hear too much from his camp. I personally would like to hear more from him. 


Nichols came from WSX to a 10-10 day at Washougal. It can’t be easy jumping into a series when you haven’t been racing in the heat of the outdoor schedule, but Colt did great. He even beat a bunch of riders who have been grinding it out all summer. He obviously came to play due to the SMX Playoff points structure, but it would be cool to see him out there for all of the rounds. Here’s hoping that he can get on a team for 2024 that allows him to do just that. 


Carson Mumford was back at Washougal and he rewarded Pro Circuit with a 9-9 day for ninth overall. I think ninth overall was a great return considering he’s been sitting out since Hangtown. He clearly has a spot within the top ten no matter who is on the gate and considering how stacked this 250 class is, that’s really impressive to me. He’s got six motos left to prove to teams that he’s worth another look for 2024. I can’t see him not getting another shot at a factory bike for next season. 

Main image: Honda HRC

Written by Troy Dog

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