5 Things We Learned at the SMX World Championship Final

The Million

Alright, cool, I can’t wait to write about riders who just made more money in one night than I’ll never make in my entire life. Yay! Here’s the quick rundown of the 450SMX class in LA. Barcia was feeling froggy early in the first moto and he completely ate it while attempting to triple into the rhythm after the sand. Cianciarulo and Roczen somehow are mid air when Bam crashed and the two completely miss hitting him, which was awesome that they didn’t run him over furthering injuries. After the single file restart Jett and Kenny uncorked this massive four on to the table mid race, like it was no big deal. Jett goes 1-1 and his math was correct because that did equal $1 million. Last but certainly not least, here’s a get well soon for Sexton who was checking out for the win in moto 2, but had a very big crash entering the sand section. No update is available on him at this time.  

The Deegan’s Make History

It was twenty-six years ago that Brian Deegan won the 125cc main event inside the LA Coliseum, it’s also been twenty years since he landed the first 360 in FMX competition in the same building. The Deegan’s celebrated another milestone in LA with Haiden winning the SMX Playoff 250 Championship. It looked a little bleak for Danger Boy before the start of the second moto. He faded in the first moto and Shimoda came through the pack, while Jordon Smith even had a chance after his first moto win. Deegan held strong in moto two when Shimoda couldn’t come through the pack fast enough and boom he’s your champion. Deeg’s was close to moto two winner Levi Kitchen in the end and it probably felt like a practice day at the Farm. It was an impressive showing for Haiden who wasn’t even sure if he was going to go pro when the SX season started. He’s a champion in his rookie year and 2024 is shaping up to be all his. 

Privateer Power

If you follow me, you’ll know I’m always looking to give the privateers in the sport some love. I’m counting Garrett Marchbanks in here, just because he’s not on a factory team and I’d get scolded by you if I didn’t. Marchbanks went 6-7 for 6th overall, Ty Masterpool went 9-9 for 7th, Colt Nichols gets his own section below,  Phil Nicoletti went 12-10 for 9th, Shane McElrath went 15-11 for 13th, Josh Hill went 13-14 for 15th, Grant Harlan went 18-12 for 16th, and Justin Hill went 17-15 for 17th. In the 250 class the line of support is more vague, however Preston Kilroy, Hunter Yoder, Derek Kelley, Dilan Schwartz, and Caden Braswell all did well against the star studded factory riders. 

Colt45 and Madd Parts Kawasaki

Colt Nichols has been receiving help from Bubba Pauli’s Madd Parts Kawasaki team for the SMX playoffs and the effort has definitely caught my eye. Colt finished 8-5 for 5th overall in LA, which took him to 9th overall in the final playoff points. He was so underrated that he never was mentioned on the broadcast despite running inside the top five. This was a big step for Colt and a big step for Madd Parts Kawi. These guys accomplished more than they probably assumed they would. Colt now moves onto Beta SX prep and the Madd Parts guys will look to finalize their SX team in the next couple of months.  

Smith Impresses

You love to see that Jordon Smith still has the speed to win. The way that he fought his way through the pack in that first moto was meticulous and shocking. All the hype was on Deegan and Shimoda winning and then here comes Smith taking the checkers. The first moto win put Smith in contention to win the entire playoffs as he had been strong in Charlotte and Chicago as well. That excitement only lasted a few corners into moto 2 when he crashed, but still it was a cool scenario either way. Smith is going to turn heads in 2024 in his second year with Star Racing.   

Photo CourtesyFeld Motorsports, Inc.

Written by Troy Dog

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