Pro Motocross Is Back and I Have Some Questions

Remember Pro Motocross? That pretty awesome dirt bike series. Yep, it’s back this weekend at Unadilla for round 9 of 11 and I have some serious thoughts. 

Let’s not fluff this up anymore. We are going right into the three biggest questions I have going into this weekend.

Can Anyone Stop Jett?

The dominance of Jett this year is unprecedented. The just turned 20-year-old is having his way with this series and is currently a perfect 16 for 16 through eight rounds. I think he passed his biggest test left by outlasting Chase Sexton at Washougal. Three rounds left to become just the third rider in HISTORY to have a perfect season. Can he get it done?

Hunter vs Haiden: Who Wins?

I’m not getting into the off the track stuff that has begun to surface since Washougal. I’ll leave that for other people to talk about. I’m here to talk about who in the f is going to win this 250 title. I don’t think even Brian himself had Haiden challenging for the title in his rookie season, but here he is. Hunter has the experience and has been the better rider but hot damn, three points is three points. And lets not count out Justin Cooper who is only 19 back. I think Hunter takes this, but this weekend is HUGE. 

Team USA?

The boys discussed this on the Vanilla Racing Broadcast a couple weeks back, but who the hell are we sending? We usually find out around this time, but I’ve heard there is no rush and we may not hear until Ironman. If we are picking right now, here is who I’m taking (Keep in mind, Justin Cooper is OUT. He is getting married that weekend):

Chase Sexton

Haiden Deegan

Jason Anderson

Who are you sending?

Main image: Honda HRC

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