Slawdictions for Washougal: Jett Remains Perfect

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Following a 99.8% accuracy rate in Monster Energy Supercross, Slaw is back to bring you some flaming hot bold predictions for the ENTIRE 11 round AMA Pro Motocross Championship. Stay tuned all summer long.

As the greatest wrastler alive, Ric Flair, once said: “I’m the stylin’, profilin’, limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin’ and dealin’ son of a gun.”

As always, I will review my picks from Spring Creek before getting into Washougal.

Prediction | Vialle Again

I wrote this in Power Rankings, but I feel Vialle is that dude who just needed one win and then he’s going to go absolutely HAM on the field. I feel Spring Creek suits his style and I think he goes back-to-back.

This was a bad take. I will do better moving forward.

Slawdiction: 0 out of 10.

Prediction | Hunter Retakes Points Lead

Another week and more days to recover for Hunter. Let’s be honest, this championship would be on lock if it wasn’t for a crash and a bike blowing up. Alas, it isn’t. Hunter got that dawg in him though and I think he comes out at Millville fired up and takes back the red plate.

This was a great take. Good job by me.

Slawdiction: 100 out of 10.

Prediction | Jett Stays Perfect

Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me… nope, Slaw does not get fooled twice. I will not fall for it again. Jett goes 1-1, stays perfect.

This was a great take. Good job by me.

Slawdiction: 100 out of 10.

Prediction | New Jerry Is Back

New Jerry Robin was a thing. He was doing it. Then, I don’t know. But guess what: he is from Minnesota and the NEW Jerry is back this weekend. Pick him for fantasy, WE won’t let you down.

This was a bad take. I will do better moving forward.

Slawdiction: 0 out of 10.

Prediction | RJ Puts Together Two Consistent Motos

Yep. No crashes. No bad start. Just a nice, consistent day from RJ. No, I have not been drinking. Some of us have faith.

This was a decent take. Decent job by me.

Slawdiction: 6 out of 10.

On to Washougal, the Crown Jewel of the series and host of an upcoming Shred Tour.

Jett Remains Perfect

On one of his 100 shows, Steve Matthes, founder of PulpMX Hockey, JT and Daniel Blair all thought Jett’s streak would end this weekend. While all three are very knowledgable, they, unlike Slaw, do not have a 99.8% accuracy rate. So listen to Slaw. Jett doesn’t like this track but it doesn’t matter. He stays perfect.

Carson Brown Wins the 2-Smoke Race

Here’s the thing about this two-stroke race/prize purse: You STILL have to qualify into the motos. You don’t just get to show up and run a 2-smoke and get in. For that reason, I got a Mister Brown taking this easily. 1) This is his home race 2) He IS two-stroke. Believe in Slaw.

Deegan Bounces Back

Haiden Deegan finally looked like a rookie last weekend. And guess what: that’s fine because HE IS a rookie. You know what I loved? His IG posted after the race.

“The @promotocross ain’t no joke, I’ve achieved a lot so far in my rookie season and marked off many goals but today I got my a$$ kicked and im gonna learn from it and keep building every weekend.”

I love it. No excuses, just straight up got smoked. For that very reason, I got Deegs bouncing back and getting on the podium this weekend.

Hunter Increases Points Lead

Yep, I’m riding the Hunter train. Dude showed he got that dawg in him last weekend and despite some rib injury, he ain’t quitting. Nope, another overall win for H Law.

Sexton Runner Up

He’ll push Jett all weekend but finish runner up. Bold, I know.

Main image: Honda HRC

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