Vurb Shred Tour: Why It’s More Than Just a Ride Day

Listen up little doggies, because I’m about to drop some higher level knowledge on you. Some deep messaging that will tune you into our way of thinking and the true mission behind the vurbmoto Dirbikes are Dope Shred Tour. Intrigued? Of course you are. Buckle up, because Bird Dog is about to take you on a ride.

Foolishly, with a skeleton crew of over obligated resources, we decided to commit to doing a shred day every month of 2021. But we’re committed to this project and to fostering the growth of our sport through a global grassroots effort, so in true Vurb fashion, we decided to send it.

“But Bird Dog, isn’t globalism and grassroots contradictory?” Don’t question our logic. We think on a higher spectrum than most and I don’t want to hurt your little brains, so I’ll make this simple.

Step 1: Watch this video.

Step 2: Understand the flow. The circular nature of all things.

You see, the Shred Tour isn’t “just” a badass event where we rip claws, slay ruts and hang out. Although we do all of the above (especially on April 24th-25th at Riverside Raceway in Iowa). It’s our way of connecting the dots.

Brands support the industry. Companies like Fly Racing,, Maxima, KTM, Husqvarna, GASGAS and Race Tech produce and/or distribute product that people buy. They are also highly committed to the growth of our sport and donate massive amounts of free swag that we give away at our events. These companies also support Vurb, which makes it possible for us to create content. When you (the consumer) purchase products from these companies, it supports their bottom line and ours.

To push this concept a step further, we also need tracks to flourish, because no tracks means no places to ride, which means the sport suffers. So we bring awareness to tracks around the country through promotion of our Shred Tour. Tracks are vital to our sport, and they need money to operate. The more tracks we go to, the more awareness they get, the more riders show up to ride there. You feeling me yet?

Next, and perhaps most importantly, you have the riders. The core of the sport. The ones who make the carousel go round and round. Riders support ALL of the above. They buy goods and services from brands, they support tracks through practice and race days, and they support Vurb by watching our videos and reading our content…and showing up for the Shred Tour. This is a hugely important piece of the puzzle, but not the final piece.

We’re content creators, and as such we also support creatives from around the world. Local photographers, local videographers, writers, etc. also use this platform to help further their career and bring awareness to riders. We are striving to work with local talent at every location we go to in order to give them a voice, help foster their talents, and keep good, creative people working in our industry.

Moto is a small world, and it takes everyone supporting each other to ensure growth. So while on the surface ride days may seem like any other event, to us they are much more. We will continue to grow them. Continue to make them better. Continue to give our marketing partners more unique ways to touch the end consumer. Continue to bring awareness to tracks and to local creative talent from around the country. And continue to prop up creative content producers to help give them a voice.

So showing up in support of our Shred Tour is your way of supporting more than just a ride day, but supporting the sport as a whole.

It’s circular. Like a carousel. Up and down and round and round.

Written by Bird Dog

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