5 Reasons You Have to Come to the Dirbikes are Dope Shred Tour This Weekend

The third stop of the Dirbikes are Dope Shred Tour is headed to Iowa this weekend for some sick days at Riverside Raceway. 

If for some dumb reason you were on the fence about coming, Slaw is about to change your mind. Get off the couch doggies and make your way out this weekend. Here’s why…

So Much Free Stuff We’re Basically Paying You to Come Ride

EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU doggies that rolls through the gate will be getting a Shred Tour gift bag stacked with so much stuff it will slap the Slaw straight off your mouth. Each bag will be filled with hundreds of dollars in giveaways, savings, and certificates while supplies last (400+ available). So get there early so you can get your little paws on one of these.  HUGE shoutout to Race Tech for being our presenting sponsor this weekend as well. Everyone will receive $100 off a $500 spend with them, and we’ll be giving away a few Race Tech Rebuilds in our raffle drawings on top of it all!

PitBike and STACYC Racing

While we know you can’t beat this pitbike shredder, you should at least try, right? 

This pitbike track is something only mere mortals will be able to tame and Chili isn’t one of them. 

Your little doggie not big enough to ride the track? No worries, bring him out for some epic STACYC Racing.

Then for the folks that want to have lots of fun, we’re kicking off pull-start racing followed from Straight Rhythm Endurocross at the Edwards pit. Bring your cell phones for that one. Track owner Tony tells us it’s going to be the most “fun” of all.

FREE Hot Dogs

Giving away a Shred Tour gift bag isn’t the only thing we’ll be giving away. That’s right, FREE hot dogs will be served all weekend, but you better put some damn Slaw on that sh**. 

Supercross Watch Party

What’s the best thing to do after an epic day of shredding? Grabbing some Claws, laying a lip on a hot dog and watching some supercross. We got you covered as we’ll have a live viewing of the Salt Lake City 1 round of Monster Energy Supercross on Saturday night. 

Two Epic Days of Riding

Slaw feels like he buried the lead here, but whatever. The reason everyone wants to come out is, to you know, RIDE. And Riverside is an epic track to get loose on. This will be a fun weekend with (nearly) endless shred on an epic course that’s full race prepped (but again, without the race!). Everyone is invited and the practices will be split accordingly all weekend long.

For more details on the weekend, click this dang link

Written by Slaw Dog

Just a dog trying to find my special bun.

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