14 Awesome Reasons You Need to Come to the Dirtbikes are Dope Shred Tour at Riverside Raceway

If you know anything about vurbmoto, it’s probably that we “love” super early mornings and driving/flying days on end to go to random dirtbikes track around the country. The second part we actually do have an affinity for and unfortunately the first part is just part of the game. Jeff Simpson and I left Atlanta, Georgia, yesterday morning around 11 a.m. (after a 5 a.m. Moto Spy edit session to finish up episode 6 with Will Posey) en route to the third stop of the 2021 Dirtbikes are Dope Shred Tour taking place at Riverside Raceway in Winterset, Iowa, and presented by our great friends at Race Tech. I should also mention Jeff flew from Detroit to officially log the longest detour recorded since Pa Mitchell’s 1872 mishap on the Oregon Trail. Or perhaps that one time Lloyd Christmas actually drove the opposite direction of the Rockies. We’ll have to consult Guinness next week and see. Nonetheless, we’re nearly 24 in to our road trip (we did sleep for four hours) that would’ve probably only taken about 14 if we weren’t pulling a 5,000 pound trailer behind my jeep—stopping every 180 miles for fuel hasn’t proven to be the most efficient method of travel.

While we were driving, we’ve decided to build you a “list of persuasion” to convince you to do the same… get in your vehicle of choice with a dirtbike loaded and start driving yourself. After all, Winterset, IA isn’t that far away… is it? So, here’s a reason for every hour of driving that you’re now debating.

You’re becoming part of the moto circle of life. It’s like the lion king, but for people who love dirtbikes. Everything about this tour is about us supporting you, the tracks, the companies, the creatives, while you support us right back. We’re doing our best to start a grassroots movement that revolves around fun and giving you guys and gals as much swag and free awesome stuff as possible. Not only will you feel amazing after two full days of shredding, but you’ll be at ease knowing your part of a Lion King metaphor.

This track is amazing!

You’re gonna get a million* FREE, yes FREE, photos of yourself to post on every social media platform you can imagine. With some amazing photographers like Jeff Simpson, Jessica Reed, Abbie Millsap, 7 Wonders Studios and others all shooting photos throughout the weekend you’re bound to have a handful of images show up within a dozen #vurbshredtour galleries. If you’re in the mood to support further, reach out to any of these fine creatives on IG and book a personal photo package to make sure you get what you’re looking for. Remember that Lion King reference? Supporting makes this sport go ‘round

* We can’t actually guarantee that number

You get to hang with the vurb crew. Come ask us questions, pick our brains, play with a red camera… We’re not saying we’re that cool, but we definitely love to talk. Whether it’s the weather, the track, bananas, nerdy stuff, or how to get your kid more exposure, let’s be friends.

We’re gonna try to make everyone famous. Not only will there be handful of photographers, but videographers, too! Myself, vurbwes, Jason Crane, and Shillinglaw Studios will all be running around like dogs that just dug our way out from under a fence. Just imagine your dog running away from you when you’re telling them to stop, but insert my face. I refuse… I WILL KEEP FILMING. Hopefully that lands a ton of you shredders on some sweet video content.

You won’t have to listen to Slawdog run his mouth about his “Slawdictions” while we watch supercross on Saturday night. Slaw holds down the fort and didn’t want to dominate the hotdog eating contest, so he’s (thankfully) staying at home. We get it Slaw, you’re like Nostradamus, but we won’t have to hear about it while we pound White Claws Saturday evening. Vurbwes, Jason Crane, Bird Dog, and Jeff Simpson will be there, so make sure to come bench race with us.

The dirt is $^%&*$)#* SICK. I won’t even type anything about this. Photos are worth a thousand words or some silly saying like that.

Gas Prices are at an all-time low! Oh wait, they’re not? My American Express hasn’t noticed quite yet. It’s just excited to get here and see the $^%&*$)#* SICK dirt.

Alright, it’s my turn to huck a few hours. Enter Jeff.Simpon.Photography

Goooddd morning! Jeff here from the open road that is I-70 West, somewhere between St. Louis and Kansas City. Here’s a few more reasons to encourage you to huck it those few extra hours. Let’s crack a cold brew and dig in… Gosh guys, it’s 9 a.m. I meant the Starbucks kind that just rang me $4.69 at Kum and Go. The claws are for later.

Raffle Time! That’s right! It’s freaking raffle time! We are giving away two Race Tech Rebuilds valued at over $500 a piece, a set of Pirelli Tires (for your bike, not Luthers 85’ Camero), three pairs of Scott Goggles, $300 per day in vurbmoto swag, Fly Racing bits and lord knows what else our amazing sponsors sent to the track.

Seriously, look at it!

Merch Merch Merch! We have a grip of never-before-seen merch that will be on site, while supplies last. We even have baby onesies! Heck there is even a $10 off coupon in the swag bag you get at the gate to use on said merch. That’s right. Come get $10 anything underneath the vurbmoto tent.

FREE Pitbike, Stacyc, & Pull-Start Racing. Did you miss the inaugural Pitter race at Freestone? Fear not, we are bringing it back, plus WAY MORE. Word on the streets is that the Champs from Freestone (Christopher Harris and Austin Roberts) are coming up from Texas to defend their crown. No joke, they’re driving from Texas. So should you.

Jett Lawrence! Come see the larger-than-life character that is Jett on our 20’ screen at the Supercross viewing party Saturday night. Following the pitbike races, we’ll turn our heads 90 degrees to the right to watch SLC 1 go down. Think Coop can warp it up this weekend?

Good Vibes Only. All of the great vibes of an amateur national without the track announcer waking you up at 7 a.m. for first practice… Or your dad yelling at you for not tripling into the section by the trees. Or the actual pressure of a race… Two days of practice on the absolutely epic track that is Riverside Raceway. I will miss the rouge PW dad threatening to protest the field though.

“Cake Cake Cake Cake” ~ Rhianna I have no idea know how they do it, but this track is made of literal chocolate cake. The soft, moist, sweet and fluffy dirt here is other worldly. In fact, it is so good Wes used his discount code for motosport.com (that you can find in your swag bag) to purchase $1200 worth of Fly Racing goodies to get out there and shred with y’all. The dude managed to forget his boots though so if you have a set he can use hit us up! Size 10. Gracias.

13 reasons why… What a coincidence. We swear that wasn’t on purpose. With a bit of basic math, that means if you’re within 960 miles of Riverside Raceway you pretty much have no choice but to load the truck and start heading this way. We’ll see you out here tomorrow morning for a nearly endless day of shredding.

Speaking of, let’s add a 14th reason. You can SHRED NON-STOP. Ain’t your class on the big track? Keep your helmet strapped on and you can burn as much on the pitbke track as your heart desires. Dial in those lap times for when it counts Saturday night.

Here is the schedule for the weekend:

Vurbmoto Shred Tour – April 24-25

Friday, April 23rd

2pm: Gates open ($20 per person, 4 and under FREE)

· Everyone through the gate gets a Shred Tour Gift Bag with hundreds of dollars in giveaways, savings, and certificates while supplies last (400+ available)

2pm-7:30pm: FREE Open riding on pitbike track for pitbikes/pull starts/stacyc bikes (motocross helmets are required at all times.)

7:30pm: Vurbmoto Classics Viewing Party

11pm: Gates Close

Saturday, April 24th

7am: Gates Open ($20 per person, 4 and under FREE)

· Everyone through the gate gets a Shred Tour Gift Bag with hundreds of dollars in giveaways, savings, and certificates while supplies last (400+ available)

7am: Practice sign up open ($30 per class, per day)

9am-4pm: Open Practice (10-12 minute sessions per class)

4:30pm: @edwards_motorsports Smoker’s Row Enduro Straight Rhythm

5pm: @ridingontheedgeco Stacyc Racing, @racetechinc Pit Bike Racing, @flyinryansminibikes Pull Start Racing. ALL FREE!

6pm: Salt Lake City Supercross Viewing Party featuring MotoXDream360.com/Vurb Shred Tour Fantasy Moto Challenge

6pm: FREE Hot dogs courtesy of the Vurb Dogs.

11pm: Gates Close

Sunday, April 25th

7am: Gates Open ($10 per person, 4 and under FREE)

· Everyone through the gate gets a Shred Tour Gift Bag with hundreds of dollars in giveaways, savings, and certificates while supplies last (400+ available)

7am: Practice sign up open ($30 per class, per day)

9am-4pm: Open Practice (10-12 minute sessions per class)

@redbull Music truck on hand all weekend long providing entertainment

Written by Vurbwes Chilidog

Been 'round these parts making dirtbike movies since '02; a weathered veteran with moto and camera related back issues, the hearing equivalent to my great-great grandfather's, and a dirt tan that will literally never come off. But I'm still in way better shape than every other dog in this joint, but that's because I use Chili and no slaw.

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