Chad Reed on Roczen/Webb Championship Battle, His New Track and More

While Chad Reed isn’t racing this year, it’s always great to hear from the two-time Supercross champion. 

Chad is never one to hold back and on the PulpMX Show Monday he talked about a host of different topics, including the Cooper Webb/Ken Roczen championship rivalry. 

“When you don’t have a backup plan which clearly he [Roczen] doesn’t, then you have to mess with him, run into him—do something,” Reed said in part. 

“Kenny’s strength is his roll speed through the turns my advice always to Cooper is, take his roll speed away and he’s just Ken,” he continued. “He can’t put a clinic on if you take his roll speed away from him and the other way to beat him is, stay with him for the first ten laps and you are going to beat him.”

Chad also talked about this year’s tracks, his new track in North Carolina, how he almost returned to racing in Atlanta this year and more. Watch his entire interview below.

Written by Slaw Dog

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