Vurb Roundtable: Grading AP’s Hair, East Winners and More

Vurb Roundtable is back! That’s right, this classic Vurbmoto feature has returned with some amazing questions and answers from yours truly, Bird Dog and some crappy answers from Troy Dog. Chicago Dog has joined the pack this week as well.

Is Tomac showing signs of weakness, or is it too early to tell?

Slaw: OH. MY. GOD. Is this really a question? Did everyone forget this dude won three of the first four rounds and crushed souls in the process? One fifth (!!!) and everyone is freaking out now, huh? Shorter answer: F no. Tomac will probably win this weekend. 

Troy: No, Tomac is not showing signs of weakness. If he doesn’t feel comfortable then he has no reason to push it. He needs to get all the points he can on those nights and get those 7-10 wins on his good nights. I’m just glad it’s going to be a great championship battle!

Bird: Hell yes he is! I’m not saying he’s not still the favorite, but we’ve seen this story play out before. The dangerous part for the rest of the field: so has Tomac. He’s a vet for a reason, and more than skill alone, it’s because of mental strength and stability. This isn’t new for him, which means he’ll embrace it and channel that negativity into yet another title.

C-Dog: Weak? No. Peak? Also no. Ask me again after a trip to the Black Hole this weekend. With Coop snagging a win and Sexton being the king of qualifying, I’m assuming the pressure is mounting quicker than he’d like.

On a scale from 1-10, how sick is AP7’s hair?

Slaw: 10 million. Best mullet since a Mister Damon Bradshaw. 

Troy: I’ll give AP a 7 on the hair grade. It’s definitely part of his persona, however it’s just that. He said “Do it for Dale” one time and all of you lost your minds and now he has an accent that he never had before and he’s a cowboy. He’s from Ohio and barely 20 minutes from me. We don’t talk like that here. AP is a gem and he’s doing it for you. Respect. 

Bird: If you don’t vote this a solid 10 then please stop visiting this website. The ape drape that Aaron Plessinger has committed to is so next level that the entire class of 1982 would be jealous. It’s even more cool because of HOW he wears it. It’s not like a hipster trying to be, well, hipster. It’s literally as if he were brought here from the ’80s in a DeLorean after traveling 88mph at the exact right time.

C-Dog: On a scale of 1-10, I give it a 69. That majestic mullet has more flow than Roczen’s scrub at Straight Rhythm ’22.

How many race winners will we see in 250SX East Region?

Slaw: 2-3. Hunter is the title favorite, but as Thrasher proved in Tampa, he’s not invincible. Maybe Jordon? Maybe Deegs? Maybe Thrasher? Maybe Max? I think all and a few more have a chance at winning one race.

Troy: I think we only see three winners in 250 East. I think Thrasher will get some wins, but that third winner I can’t pinpoint yet. Is it Anstie, Smith, JMart, or Deegan? I need more racing before I can read it for sure.

Bird: Despite popular belief, and I hope I’m wrong, but I’m calling a Hunter Lawrence sweep. There are some guys with winning potential, actually more than I think anyone had heading into the season, but Hunter is still top dawg in this class and I think he goes for the sweep.

C-Dog: I’m going to say four are GOING to win! But, really, seven COULD win. If you want another bold prediction….I think Deegan has a legit shot to be one of those winners.

Main image: KTM Images

Written by Slaw Dog

Just a dog trying to find my special bun.

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