Vurb Original: “No Runners” ft Trevor Stewart

This isn’t your typical vurbmoto Original Film. Hell, this isn’t even your typical dirtbike film. In fact, No Runners has very little to do with dirtbikes. The origins of this film stems from years of my own personal insecurities and struggles with mental health – an often times overlooked and laughed at collection of words. While the origins of this film are via my own personal battles, the film itself is an abstract visual journey about Trevor Stewart’s personal battle with his own inner demons and, the one thing he loves most, his motorcycle.

No Runners was birthed in March of this year, right when the world went dark. Losing a massive amount of work and beginning to let my mind wander into dark places, I refused to mentally allow myself go down said road. Instead, I chose to be proactive during the chaos of 2020 and focus my time on creating a unique piece of art with close friends, to better understand my craft behind the camera, and to create something that had substance and meaning to both myself and Trevor. Frankly, we put our heart on our sleeves with this project. 

Mental health is something, whether or not we like to admit it, many of us deal with. And, within the sport of dirt bike racing, the “stigma” is improving, it is more often than not ignored. As of 2020, 18.57% of adults experience some form of mental illness. That is the equivalent of 45 million Americans. 

Instead of ignoring the problem or laughing at those who maybe having a difficult time, I hope this film can, in someway, inspire those in a rough patch to find their way through the dark and into the light, or for individuals to reach out to a friend or family member who may need somebody to check in on them. Sometimes, all we need as human beings is simply for somebody to listen us without judgment. 


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