Vintage Vibes: Racetown 395 ft Sjoberg / Baggett / Canard / Albertson

I FOUND BLAKE BAGGETT! He’s been at Racetown 395 so long that he’s got wavy locks! Wait a minute…you said this is from 2008? My bad. 

Here we are again for another installment of vurbmoto Vintage Vibes. We are throwing this one back to when Chili Dog met up with Baggett, Tyler Sjoberg (remember him?), Timmy Weigand, Jimmy Albertson, some random guy named Trey Canard and filmed another classic. 

This video takes Troy Dog back to his senior year of high school, where he would sit in class and sneak on this very dirt bike website to watch some dope content. Who knew I’d grow up to be CEO of the entire operation? Dream big, kids. 

Where was I? Oh yeah, the video…I don’t know about you but Chili Dog’s music playlist opened up a whole new world for me and I’m sure a lot of you who watch vurbmoto content. He puts nothing but BANGERS in his content still to this day! I have an old hard drive filled with songs from this era, thanks to him. It would get me through the drive to and from the track. Sad Robot is officially added to the Motocross Anthem list. 

To me this video is ICONIC in the dirt bike world. I still remember the banner on the old homepage and some of these low corner shots are soooo cool to this day. Baggett in that Fox gear is primo and that chesty was always a staple on him throughout his amateur career. I really like the part where Albertson yells coming into the corner and just shreds. It makes you want to ride. The only thing that would make this video better is if Chiz were in it.  

My only question for Chili is…what the bleep happened to Timmy in this video? You filmed him loading up, but never on the bike. Did he get dognapped on the way to the track? 


Written by Troy Dog

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