Troy Dog’s Shack: Lost Suspension, Justin Starling Needs Our Help!

Gather around everyone, we have a big problem here for the Troy Dog Squad’s own Elite Athlete Justin Starling. You see, Star Dog sent his suspension off before Christmas to get tuned up for the season and somewhere along the way UPS lost it. This is some very bad news. 

Here is where you can help and WE are going to need the entire squad to come together for this. To replace what he lost is a total of around $6,480. IF you want to help Star Dog out you can Venmo him some money to his account, which is @justinstarling81. Anaheim 1 is around the corner, and only a week away, so time is of the essence to make this work. 

Look, we aren’t begging for cash, so no hate comments. If you want to donate that is amazing, but if you don’t then don’t worry about it. Star Dog and I have committed to make something cool out of everyone who helps him. We are going to enter your name in a random drawing for those who donate for prizes. 

Here are the tiers for the random drawing:

Donate Over $100: Winner of the random drawing gets two tickets to a Supercross race of your choice and a meet and greet with Star Dog.

Donate Over $50: Winner of the random drawing gets a signed race worn jersey from Star Dog.

Donate Over $25: Winner of random drawing gets T-Dog Squad merch prize pack. 

Also, if you donate we are going to put your name on Starling’s race bike for Monster Energy Supercross races. The more you donate the bigger your name will be! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to [email protected].

Again, Star Dog’s Venmo is @justinstarling81. Stay tuned to our social media accounts for updates @troydogvurb and @justinstarling. Star Dog is driving from Florida to California right now to get ready for A1. Let’s make sure his fork, shock, and linkage can make it there too! 

Thanks everyone!

Written by Troy Dog

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