Unquotables, Glendale: “Triple Crowns Are My New Most Favorite Thing in the Whole Wide World”

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Round 12 of Monster Energy AMA Supercross was held this past weekend in Glendale. And while there were a TON of great quotes during the press conference and such, we went deeper. And got things riders 100000000 PERCENT DID NOT SAY.

Without further ado, these are things that definitely WERE NOT said by the riders or personnel after the 12th round of the 2023 Monster Energy Supercross Championship, but we all know they were thinking it.

Jett Lawrence: “Triple Crowns are my new most favorite thing in the whole wide world.”

Roof Opener: “I know. I know. I have one job, and I screwed it up.”

Feld Legal Team: “It was pollen. It was completely and utterly unrelated to the dirtbike fumes, or the race gas, or the fireworks we used in an enclosed space. 100% pollen.”

Pre-2004 Boston Red Sox fan: “They keep mentioning Jett’s curse. That ain’t no damn curse!”

Jason Anderson: “I counted to five, remembered I was on probation and then just realized I had the inside line anyway.”

Track crew: “At least the 250s used some of those mounds of dirt we spent hours shaping on the right side of that rhythm section…”

Fox design team: “We were pretty glad Jett decided to re-run some old designs, we were getting low on ideas and he still has a long career of Triple Crowns to come.”

Cooper Webb: “Definitely no finger-gun shooting went on tonight.”

Random member of the crowd: “Both race threes had the potential to be truly epic, except the wrong people got good starts. So instead, we left early to beat the rush and take vast quantities of eye-drops.”

Main image: Honda HRC


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